Regime Press Bans Book, Now A Bestseller: Finis Germania

Instant karma! Those expert idiots from the German regime press wanted a book by late Professor Rolf Peter Sieferle to be removed from a popular book list. Now it’s a Amazon No 1 bestseller (June 14, 2017)!!!

The pamphlet ‘Finis Germania‘ got on a popular book list from regime TV ‘NDR’. Usually those book lists are harmless or regime-loyal crap. But not this time when a bad-ass editor convinced the jury of 25 that ‘Finis Germania’ needed a wider audience. The rest is history:

And, oh boy, was the concerted witch hunt ridiculous! The regime media demonized the book, calling is right-wing extremist and populist and worse. The recommending editor was forced to step down. Professor Sieferle cannot be punished because he’s dead. The list cancelled until further notice. A regime clown on state tv: This book ruins Sieferle’s reputation! No it doesn’t, you spineless twat!

What does the book say? What everyone sees: Germany, as we know it, is finished [thanks to open borders and population replacement]. It is not original. This kind of literature is not new. Why, because civilizations fall, and it will be told. Of course the regime that brought about the downfall doesn’t want you to read the story. It’s shameful!

Professor Rolf Peter Sieferle published another bestselling book on Germany’s migrant crisis in 2016 shortly before taking his life at age 66. His manifesto ‘Finis Germania’ is must-read for everyone in this nation. If you want to survive, that is.

Ellen Kositza, literary editor of the “Secession”, presents the last book by Professor Rolf Peter Sieferle: ‘Finis Germania’.