Richard Dawkins, Phil Mason, Stefan Molyneux…on Sweden’s hate list

Every time you thought the militant Left couldn’t get any more creative, they find some new ways of citizen terror. This one is truly disgusting: a ‘hate list‘ fabricated by Swedish SJWs to name and destroy the businesses of “people who are believed to engage in incitement of hatred and threats against migrants, women and HBTQ people!” [see: ‘Hate List’]

On that list:

Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist, best-selling author, atheist: put on Sweden’s ‘Hate List’

Phil Mason (aka Thunderf00t), scientist, skeptic, internet guru: put on Sweden’s ‘Hate List’

Stefan Molyneux, philosopher, political and social commentator: put on Sweden’s ‘Hate List’

None of those is a Swedish national. However, they are public intellectuals who have at one time or another ‘offended’ some radical feminists or rattled the cage of the ultra-PC red guards.

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Nobody knows for sure whether the Swedish government is invested in this list… condoning such lists it certainly does: We have seen massive ‘counter-propaganda’ campaigns by the corrupt regime and its media cronies to cover-up and hush-over the ‘What-happened-last-night-in-Sweden‘ fiasco and the ‘rape-capital-of-Europe‘ meme.

Sweden does away with reality

At this point, Sweden is on its way to ethnic, cultural, and national suicide, thanks to mass immigration and population replacement. And instead of fighting for the survival of its tribe, the authorities are persecuting–terrorizing even–their own citizens who cry help.

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Sweden is a truly socialist, multicultural paradise where inconvenient opinions, let alone scientific facts, are banned, deleted, or suppressed. Dissent does not officially exist in paradise. Reality is a racist and has no house in Stockholm. The ‘hate list’ is just proof of that crippling mental illness, a self-loathing, a last attack on all those people out there who dared to speak truth to Sweden.

Other prominent persons on that list include internet personalities Pewdiepie, Sargon of Akkad, and Jon Tron.