Watch Germany’s NO 1 Bestseller! [Finis Germania]

Oh Merkel, Merkel, Merkel. Your totalitarian state constitutes 1% of the world population, your criminal clique barely 1% of that. You can control the media, schools, universities all you want: You will not get away with genocide.

People overseas are worried about the safety of its author, Professor Rolf Peter Sieferle. These worries can be dispersed. He took his life already in 2016. RIP

A renegade journalist recommended the book ‘Finis Germania‘ by history professor Rolf Sieferle to a national book list. When the regime spotted it, it was already too late.

The book climbed to No 1 sales spot on Amazon, and the regime can’t take it down since Amazon is a US company.

It’s been No 1 for the third day now, selling about 250 copies an hour. Regime media are freaking out, calling for censorship of the world wide web.