How Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan thrives on Islamic Terrorism

Every time an Islamic terrorist attack happens in the world, London mayor Sadiq Khan’s approval ratings seem to go up. Why.

Islamic Colonialism

It’s a bit like US terrorism in the 70’s in Chile: After each attack, the Chileans demanded greater US presence. Mr. Khan enjoys his popularity: Every time a Muslim kills a Western infidel in the name of Allah, Londoners look to their Muslim mayor. Says the Muslim mayor: “We stand together!” Terror has given Mr. Khan the greatest platform yet to defend Islam as the true religion of peace.

In an interview with the Independent before the London attack, Mr. Khan, the 5th son of immigrant parents from Pakistan, informed the world that big cities will now have terrorism [as sure as they will have Muslim communities]. He said:

“Terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city.”

He should know. Pakistan is a terrorist shit hole. A bit of terror in Britain? If it helps. Mr. Khan’s predictions came true with this latest terror attack on Westminster in the city center of London. The Muslim seemed relieved that it happened, proving “his theory” correct and his critics wrong.

Islam is now Democracy

London has fallen if terrorism helps its mayor. So, when the son of the US president condemned Mr. Khan‘s tactic of normalizing terrorism, the Khan camp shot back, demonizing Trump Junior for being anti-Muslim and the enemy of Islam, sorry: democracy. Shame on Trump Junior [who is a Christian] for abusing “a terrorist attack for political gain,” a Khan-defender, MP Wes Streeting, stirred the pot.

Meanwhile, the political gain for Mr. Khan is as good as global Halal: If ‘islamification’ was a mayor, it would be Mayor Khan: Not a single immediate statement the mayor unleashed onto the world after the London attack was honest beyond that he’s been saying it as a Muslim:

Political Gain through Islamic Terror

Consider his comments following the London attack:

“Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.” But yes, Londoners were just cowed by terrorism, Mr. Khan.

Next, Mr. Kahn told CNN that he refused to respond to Trump Junior’s message because he has been “doing more important things.” Like what? Like responding to Trump Junior’s message in an interview with CNN?

“When Londoners face adversity we always pull together. We stand up for our values and our way of life. We stand together.” Yes, of course you want to stand together and with Londoners, Mr. Khan. God forbid Londoners were to actually fight the root of evil and defend themselves against Islam. Better to stand still. And wait for the next attack.

“Join me in Trafalgar Square at 6pm to remember the victims of yesterday’s attack and stand against terrorism.” Um, the terrorist attack happened yesterday. Mr. Khan. Today, you stand against the wind.

Beating the British at their own Game

London must be knowing about this foreign invasion. The British imperialists of old installed pro-Western mayors in their Oriental colonies who then defended the abuses of the imperialists by calling each and every act of violence tragic but unrelated.

“…protecting our city and our democracy from those who want to destroy our way of life.” Actually, it is Islam with its shariah law, inbred culture, intolerance, and terrorism that is destroying our way of life. Mr. Khan makes it look as if British protests against Islam were destroying the Muslim way of life, and I’m sure that’s what he meant.

In another message, Mr. Khan condemned the backwardness and violence in Islam. Just kidding you. He praised the officers and servicemen who “work around the clock to keep us safe.” Which is shaming them, really, because they didn’t keep us safe from this terrorist attack. But saying it, they will try to keep us safe from terror next time. And the next next time. Why are their terrorist attacks, again?

Nobody seems to realize.