Satomi Naemura – Girls, Flowers, Sweet Sake

Dear Thorsten
I’m sorry too slow your reply e-mail.
I’m glad you like my artwork.
I chose 2 images, I send them to you.
Thank you.
Satomi Naemura
Well, thank you for the samples. They look stunning. I was fortunate to attend the art exhibition of Satomi Naemura at the German East-Asiatic Society in Tokyo. Satomi studied design at Joshibi University for Art and Design. She illustrated dozens of brilliant covers for books and magazines. Her motifs often incorporate elements of the so-called Taishō-roman, or Taishō-Romanticism. For her very detailed paintings, which mainly show flowers and beautiful women in kimonos, Satomi uses highly dilute acrylic paints in a layering process.
苗村さとみ(Satomi NAEMURA)
Born in Tokyo in 1979.
If you want to hire Satomi for a cover design or buy her existing artwork, contact her here: info ‘at’
Visit Satomi’s gallery here: