Panic mode at German regime press FAZ: Siemens produces anti-Merkel forces

German Regime Press Warns: Whites, Unemployed, Might Vote NOT Merkel!

In the picaresque town of Görlitz in Eastern Germany, close to the Polish border, 7000 Siemens employees are going to lose their jobs. The regime press’s FIRST and FOREMOST CONCERN: They might vote NON-MERKEL party–the AfD!


“Does the job cuts at Siemens strengthen the radical forces?”–FAZ

Cites a Merkel crony:

“The upcoming elections will be even worse for the Union [read: Merkel’s Party] and will strengthen the extreme parties [read: AfD].”–FAZ

Url entails:

“strengthen-job cuts-at-siemens-radical-forces”

Another propaganda piece that suggests the east is too white and thus right-wing supremacist. The true radical force in this oppressed, enslaved nation is Dear Supreme Leader Merkel, the lawbreaker, the liar, the anti-German devil: Crackdown on freedom, censorship, thought police, population replacement, terrorism. Her demon party got barely 33% of the vote, everyone else voted against that tyrannical creature.