Spam Spam, New York Times Spam. Freaks me out. Here’s why…

NEW YORK (The East-West Writer)—The New York Times, a propaganda racket, is massively spamming our social networks. The corporation employs automated spam-bots that can produce millions of ‘subscription spam’ and ‘special offer spam’ and ‘polling spam’ in a minute tact.

“Spam-mails” or “spamming” is a very aggressive marketing tool, usually reserved for seedy websites. Spam is usually unsolicited and they may even carry a computer virus or Trojan horse. That the establishment mass media such as The New York Times uses spam bombing is, to be frank, a very disturbing sight to behold of.

The New York Times litters social media such as Twitter and Facebook with ‘last-minute-deals’ (that keep being extended at the last-minute of course) and ‘don’t-miss-out’ phishing scam. In the inbox of this author, he identified just about 214 (!) unsolicited NY Times spam mails from March to early November 2016. The paper has an estimated 8 million online subscribers/registered users. If all of them get the same amount of spam mail, that would result in 1,712,000,000 (billion) spam mails being created by the New York Times during the last half-year. Wow.


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The promotional spam on Facebook is the most awkward: The jingles are so 80s: “Real news deserves real journalism.” Listen, if the New York Times is “real journalism” than I am Confucius with a website:

The New York Times is demonstrably a very biased, political motivated, and agenda-driven mouthpiece of US foreign policy. The paper has syndicated fake reports about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and has led America into illegal war. The paper fabricated polls and false expert testimony to get corrupt Hillary Clinton elect into the White House.

Anyway, 50% off for 52 weeks sounds a real bargain, no? (Are there really some fools who pay full 100%?):


Wow, just 99 cents for 4 weeks The New York Times test trial is here! Awesome. During that trial, you’ll find a lot more special offer spam pouring into your inbox:


New York Times spam come in all colors and hues (red, dark blue, marine blue, mint, orange…), and greet you every time you log into Facebook.


And even special New York Times November spam!


This spam below has pictures in it. “Broaden Your Worldview” and “Go Where The Story Leads.” Nice. Maybe they should also have images of puppy dogs and babies.


Spamming is usually a base, low-key, low-cost marketing tool. But if you also want Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter fire your spam, that could be quite expensive.

Nobody likes spam. It is annoying and intrusive, and it has a low success ratio perhaps 1-3 clicks per 1000 spam. So a spam campaign makes only commercial sense if a spam-bot launches hundreds of millions of spam mails.

Spam, Spam, New York Times spam.

by The East-West Writer

NY Times November spam in MINT! Incisive analysis on color psychology!
Now it is 60% OFF for “fact-based journalism” and “nothing but the truth.” UNBELIEVABLE bullshit!!!
And the spam you deserve…