Spam, spam, New York Times spam – Why is the NY Times sending us junk?

THE NEW YORK TIMES is massively spamming us with junk mail. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if the NY Times were sending more spam mail out than your average pishing malware or porn server. Yes, it is that serious. The only difference between porn-sites and, it seems, is that Yahoo Mail  (in our case) has automated spam-block against porn and junk; whereas against ‘special offers’ sent by the “renowned” The New York Times it evidently has not. So much spam, spam, spam that, finally, people are asking: Why is the New York Times sending me spam?

Although I have made use of the unsubscribe feature several times, I am still receiving countless spam e-mails from the New York Times (“Two great ways to subscribe/Just 99 cent to get the original subscription,” etc.). Why does a famous newspaper do this?

Below is a screenshot of your author’s Yahoo account.

New York Times SpammingThe sheer amount of NY Times spam is stupefying. Is this really the great newspaper, or just some shameless tabloid subscription scam? We initially deleted dozens of them in July, but still got 51 NT Times spam mails left in our inbox, in just two months! Yesterday alone, on July 17, we received six spam mails, one in the morning, the other five in the afternoon. They NY Times must be sending millions over millions of unsolicited bulk mail every clockround. Practically everyone who’s ever left a comment on its website could be subject to spam bombing this way, crazy sell shit like:

‘Save Smarter. Sale starts now!’

‘We’d Like To Thank You: Get…’

‘Special Offer: Get 8 Weeks Free…’

‘NYT Readers, We Have An Offer…’

‘Few Days Left To Get 8 Weeks Free…’

‘Time is Running Out. Sale is Ending…’

‘Leave No Story Unread. Offer Ends…’

‘Great News! You’re Invited to…’

The underlying problem here obviously is the NY Times’s disrespect for its readers. The same disrespect that, I claim (for years now), is reflecting in its political writings and mind-blowing propaganda. But that is the stuff for another post…