SPIEGEL Propaganda ‘Made in Germany’ is the Greatest (German Made Poll)

How the German lobby fabricates business news

So, one German poll manufacturer, Statista, runs a ‘global’ poll that – surprise, surprise – ranks ‘Made in Germany’ the strongest brand in the world. Super trust and all.

Next, the German regime media, in typically collusion, all run the ‘Business News: ‘Made in Germany’ – Humans as brands – Why we shine to the world!’ [1 Die Zeit]

Or this one: ‘Made in Germany’ – Most popular brand in the world’ [2 Der Spiegel]

Never trust the polls you didn’t fake yourself

It gets better:

No hyperbole or propaganda is too shabby for German agents to run over the ‘losers’ of the fake poll.

So, ‘Made in America’ is belittled for its decline (watch this, Donald Trump!). ‘Made in Britain’ is humiliated with old anecdotes about how Britain once invented the ‘Made in…’ meme but lost the title to hard-working Germany. What a coincidence that Britain just ‘exited’ the totalitarian European Union? Revenge propaganda? Absolutely!

Lobbyism, political campaign, corrupt media

Listen, those media are never to be trusted. Die Zeit and Der Spiegel are the regime press. The company that polled ‘Germany’s the greatest’ is a German business.