Genocide Media Mocks Dying Germans with White “Perfect Future” Babe

This post is about genocide propaganda in the German regime press. Reader’s digression is advised.

So that German regime racket Der SPIEGEL is doubling down on its own racism and sexism.

Totalitarian propaganda is simple: Germans who disagree with their own destruction and cultural demise are all racist, xenophobe, and sexist. Germans who oppose supreme leader Merkel are all Nazis. Hell, Donald Trump is racist, xenophobe, sexist, and the new Adolf Hitler.

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In order to gaslight the population, Der SPIEGEL actively promotes racial admixture, population replacement, nationcide, censorship, and gender denialism … WHILE criminalizing citizens who talk about it.

So, this week it comes to “the PERFECT future.” Der SPIEGEL depicts a gorgeous white Caucasian woman on its front cover: “Are we ready for …” Is it a robot? Is it plastic doll? Oh no, it is the shameful mockery of a dying people!