Star Wars: The Last Jedi sinks to 48% low on Rotten Tomatoes

Billion-dollar Disney Corporation Vs Bullshit-proof Red-Pilled Audiences

Communism in America: How Disney and Hollywood intimidated Critics and enforced their neo-Marxist Propaganda

Is Star Wars: The Last Jedi the worst of all Star Wars movies in the Galaxy? Objectively, yes: The audiences seem to think so. They must be anti-Disney or something.

Internationally, the movie was pulled off the cinemas in China after just one week because… it is rubbish. It’s so overtly Bolshevik and shamelessly neo-Marxist that even the red guards in Beijing think it’s over-the-top and overkill. I mean, every enemy to galactic socialism is a white male. C’mon!

Producer Kathleen Kennedy confessed in an interview that her company, LucasFilm, in collaboration with Disney purposely fabricated a 800 million propaganda movie that will be “crossing boys and girls over” [Kennedy]. Meanwhile, director Rian Johnson rejoiced in ‘affirmative action’ and ‘social engineering’: “Bring in more women and people of color!” The movie has a clear anti-capitalist message (the horrible Casino subplot), which reminds of anti-capitalist North Korean propaganda.

Universally, people expect this shameless, obvious manipulation through film from socialist countries such as former East Germany, China and Vietnam. Naturally, most Americans object to neo-Marxist, subversive, anti-White male propaganda on their screens.

“People are wondering, what the hell did this guy do? Rian Johnson was way over his head. […] He’s not only the director, he is the writer!”Podcast Now

The enemy from within

American audiences gave this horrible space-Nazi meet feminist social-justice warrior bullshit movie just 48% on Rotten Tomatoes–making it the worst of all Star Wars movie in the long franchise dating back to 1977. It’s understandable. They expect to be entertained, not reeducated or mindfucked by a psychologically sick and morally depraved globalist corporation with a political agenda, damn it.

The paid-for ‘expert critics’–forever dependent on the billion-dollar Disney corporation and Hollywood favors–gave this objectively bad movie outrageously favorable, almost Utopian reviews (shamelessly pulled out from their asses for fear of the thought police, one must assume), while the majority of decent audiences–fans as well as newcomers–universally disliked the movie”s blatant neo-Marxist propaganda, disrespect for story-telling and character development, logically flaws and outright stupidity. This is a text-book example of how a small, corrupt ‘elitists’ want to superimpose their views on hundreds of millions of people. Luckily, in the Internet age, a large percentage of the people see through it: You cannot make a so-and-so movie excellent, no matter how many hundreds of millions of dollars to pump into marketing and advertisement and corrupt journalists. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is visually stunning. But it’s still a bad movie.

The Disney Empire strikes back

But Disney (and LucasFilm), let alone the Hollywood kleptocracy, are not having any of the backlash: They hate the people who leave bad comments about their “masterpieces.” Consumers cannot leave this planet and will have to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi anyway. There is no escape. The media hype, the merchandise, the planetary US monopoly on news. The globalists insist that you must love this movie or else you are a racist, right-wing extremist and women-hating bigot. That most audiences mostly disliked the idiotic storytelling of the movie, director Rian Johnson shrugs off as ‘hateful attacks’. A communist can’t be wrong. Only the masses need to be reprogrammed: They ought to love Disney.

If you repeat It’s a good movie a thousand times, people will actually… still NOT BELIEVE IT!

“It’s Bolshevik marketing. It’s an attempt to create something that you think people ought to want.”David Stewart

Whose side is going to win this battle: The multi-billion dollar industry with all its corrupt film critics; or the billions of audiences who see through the mock and apery? My best bet is on the people, but you never know what lever Disney is going to pull next. Stifling free speech? A terrifying atmosphere in America. Nobody with a high status or position, especially if it is a white, straight male, dares to speak the truth… for fear of being labelled… a Trump supporter. Rarely has a film been so politicized. And it gets only worse, because now that the audiences rebel, Disney will want to hurt them more next time.

The Future of Movie: Mass-hype and force-fed nationwide communist-style mega-propaganda you ought to like… then disillusionment

Anyways, here’s some random reviews who make valid points about the Last Jedi‘s plot-holes, inconsistencies, sheer stupidity, disrespect for the saga’s main characters, and the out-of-control feminist, cultural Marxist, all men-are-evil brainwash:

“This movie has serious problems!”–Richard Nokes

“Feminism and Propaganda in this movie was blatant and annoying”Lizzy T

“Disney wants to create its own Star wars. [They] keep Chewbacca alive–just so to play with porgs!”Space Man Reviews

“…all those excuses and back-peddling by director Rian Johnson and LucasFilm […] and the people who want to hold this movie on an imagined lofty pedestal while shouting down the fans who absolutely and justifiably disliked this movie.”Chris Boland

“This film is cop-outs. Lots of cop-outs. Snoke’s death: cop-out. Captain Phasma: Cop-out. Rey’s parents: cop-out…”Diary of a Black Nerd

“The decision-making was terrible. Every major decision was awful. A lot of this movie feels forced, and a lot of it flat-out doesn’t work.”Podcast Now


The list goes on. Listen, Disney and the Hollywood Left: There is nothing wrong with making a bad movie. It still generates money because you have enough money to “persuade” everyone to like it. But it still is a bad movie, objectively.