#StopDavidBond – some thoughts

Dear Kathy, Actually, yes, I might do that. [Spreading word about the petition]. Although, I should mention here that nobody in high places in the US or Japan seems to really care about these (Asian) women, and that Mr. Bond is precisely aiming for this kind of global publicity.

#StopDavidBond from harassing & sexually exploiting women in Asia [Petition/Change.org]

David Bond - White Guy steals Chinese girl from Asian man at a clubIt’s not him who is entirely to blame; it is the ‘free’ society we live in. Complete freedom, remember!? Don’t we warn young girls every day about the dangers of such predators in ‘free’ society? And they do fall for the predators anyway, right. It’s human nature. I heard that Youtube, which is owned by Google, approves and supports Mr. Bond’s uploads.

"You are not being judged anymore. It's just you and her!" [and the entire fucking internet!]

The hustler gets flagged [on Youtube], but nothing happens. Freedom of expression. His picking-up the ladies get lots of views and clicks. He has plenty of followers who cheer him. Men like macho. Women like macho. They say these Asian women were no victims. They say the women seem to appreciate being “taken care of” by a capable Western man and celebrity. I gotta say, I don’t want to patronize the girls either, because they are grown-ups, mostly, and obviously they enjoy this flirting, groping, touching, and -some of them- even having sex with him. They make their own decision, right?

David Bond - permission from the girls to join his pervert video show - dont think so

They could sue him. They don’t. They could punch him. They won’t. It is very hard to prove that they had been abused when they are obviously smiling into the camera. Most commentators don’t agree with Mr. Bond on just one thing: he should not be uploading all this very intimate, humiliating stuff to the internet, because it could potentially could ruin the women’s lives and affect their careers -permanently. Some commentators also noted that if Mr. Bond wasn’t ‘white’, but, say, a colored man from India, Africa, or the Middle East, hell would break lose in Japan. But because he is ‘white’, he gets away with it. That’s probably true. (It also helps to have a US passport, by the way). It’s also a bad signal to open society and Japan-Western relations. Ms. Caroline Kennedy, US Ambassador Extraordinaire to Japan, will not be pleased with Mr. Bond either (though she would be stupid to condemn Mr. Bond’s actions, as she doesn’t want to be associated with him in the international press -he does, though.)

David Bond pick-up artist - films Asians under skirts with impunity

One final thought. Scandal and publicity is Mr. Bond’s career goal (he boasts that Julien Blanc stole his ideas, and that he, Mr. Bond, really is the world’s No. 1 pick-up artist), and we – by sharing this petition, may be helping him to achieve his dream and pass grade A. Meanwhile, the petition – three years from now – may look like comedy. Denying a penis entry to Japan. Think about it.

Bond-san sooo nice. He say he wish to share happy moment with whole world! America is dream country of me! ...

Cults, criminals, pseudo-sciences, con-artists… always win if notoriety is the currency. People love daredevils and gangsters who can get away with it. America was built by such people. The Western media want them to deliver, too, because sex, violence, scandal, and humiliation sell. All the petition does, I’m afraid, is making him very, very famous. Just saying.

David Bond - grapping the Asian girls on the street