How delusional can Ms. Merkel be?

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—The “worst president in the history of the United States,”* Mr. Barack Hussein Obama last week back-stabbed American democracy and called failing Germany the last defender of the free West. The treacherous New York Times is also into this.

Mr. Obama failed (quite spectacularly, I might link) in promoting Hillary Clinton into highest office, so he simply came here to Europe and nominated Angela Merkel. Well, if the US is financing it… You Americans can’t influence the German election, obviously. But then… neither can the Germans.

German elections are unspectacular. They are elections by name only. Washington and Berlin select a candidate, the colluded mass media fabricate hundreds of thousands of articles, documentaries, talks shows, expert testimonial, and then the “stupid” people are summoned to vote that one candidate that comes to their mind. Simple.

Angela “Mutti” Merkel now aims for her 4th term as supreme leader of Germany, the European Union, and Obama’s world.  “I have been thinking a lot about it,” she recalls. “It was such a difficult decision for her” this media explains, “but then came the 9th of November and Donald Trump.”

So now she candidates again, OK.

But HERE IS THE REAL SCANDAL: There is no competitor, none! This time around, the idiot press was so busy faking polls and manipulating news about the alleged demise of US Donald Trump that they totally forgot to mill out a candidate for Merkel’s opposition! HAHAHAHA!

A democracy should offer at least two candidates, no? Bare minimum! To make it look like a choice! Now they are looking. Everyone is very nervous. Could Dr. Merkel perhaps suggest one? Perhaps her… foreign minister, Steinmeier? Steinmeier is nervous. He’s the hanswurst since 2008. Wait, if Walter Steinmeier also-runs, does that mean he will probably lose his job AND embarrass himself? Oh, yes he will! And European autocrat Martin Schulz already wants to be foreign minister.

Merkel has destroyed German identity. Even our milk cows don’t want to be white any more. They want a mosque. The liberal media shames everyone who disagrees with Merkel’s vision as: “radical right-wingers,” “xenophobes,” “anti-globalists,” “anti-Europeans,”and —always, always— “Nazis.”

No journalist wants to be called a Nazi, right? So they turn on their German brothers and sisters and lie, lie, lie and fabricate more polls. Here’s one genius poll that claims only 18% of the Germans would vote a popular polit… would vote a populist! The French and Poles and Dutch, however, are really dumb, as everybody knows. So the same poll also found that those people would vote 63%, 78%, and 53% a populist like Donald Trump. Uuuh. Danger.

Clearly, Europe needs mothership Merkel to have us stir clear of Trumps. “It is her historical mission,” explains Die Zeit, a propaganda racket: “She led the world to near collapse, now she should save it? Yes, she should. However ridiculous this may sound!” With media like this, you don’t have to fear an asteroid.

*courtesy: @realDonaldTrump

by The East-West Writer


Source: 'The East-West Dichotomy' (2013)


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