Sweden’s ‘Globalist’ Regime Suddenly Looks Like the Government From Hell

The Swedish globalist regime in Stockholm, a city that resembles the “culturally enriched” Balkans, is recruiting token native Swedes who say: We are treated well by the migrants. Total national breakdown.

Terror, segregation, ghettos. The regime loves diversity and wants MORE. No need to integrate into Sweden, by the way: That would be very racist! So, when is a Swedish Dalai Lama emerging? When will the true Swedish government go into exile? Was ABBA really a symbol of Nordic supremacy? So many questions.

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Nobody wants to side with the Swedes now, evidently, because there are so few of them left, and because their own country doesn’t love them anymore: The Swedish regime insinuates that the native Swedes are basically worthless white trash, and that migrants are bringing the true gold. Fair enough. There’s always the story of the losers, and the story of the winners. [Islam is among the winners, and we hope it will do a better job.]

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Still, we have to discuss the insane ways the Swedish regime is going about it: The Stockholm planners are systematically covering-up rampant migrant crimes. They are calling all critics “Nazis” and “xenophobes.” They are prosecuting police officers who tattletale for ‘hate crime’. They are denying that there is a any problem with forced population replacement! The regime-powered Swedish Institute’s official Twitter handle: “Don’t fall for the hype. We are ok!”

No, Sweden, you are NOT OK!


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