Sweden puts Pewdiepie, Sargon of Akkad, and Jon Tron on ‘hate list’

A specter of “leftist” state terror is sweeping over the totalitarian European Union as thought police patrol the internet for political dissenters. Dissenters are everyone the “progressive” red guards label politically incorrect –in particular, it seems, White [Caucasian] male vloggers and internet personalities. Persons like Pewdiepie, Sargon of Akkad, and Jon Tron.

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The militant methods remind of Stalinist ‘cleansing’ in which citizens inform on citizens, report on their neighbors, colleagues, friends. The accusations: hate crime. Always hate crime. The Third Reich persecuted the hateful Jews. The Soviets persecuted the undesirables. Clinton Democrats persecute the deplorables. The European Union persecutes the populists. Sweden persecutes the Youtubers.

“To protect this myth of a diverse utopia, the Swedish establishment (and their international allies) must now enforce some of the most tyrannical social rules and restrictions on free speech.” —CounterCollective

The victims are publicly shamed and, eventually, criminalized. Their private information is doxed to the authorities and the state media which runs brutal hit pieces. Denunciation is back. Common ‘classifications’ are: “right-wing extremists,” “xenophobes,” “women-haters,” “white supremacists,” or just this: “racists.” Pewdie, who is a Swedish national with 55 million followers on Youtube, was brutally attacked in a Wall Street Journal hit-piece, smearing him an hateful “antisemite.” Once smeared like this, the victims are probably branded for life.

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The Swedish ‘hate list’ is public and as of this date includes 12,000 ‘hateful persons‘ that the creators of the project evidently want to see globally shunned and ostracized.

When Pewdiepie posted a video ‘I’M ON SWEDENS OFFICIAL HATE LIST‘ to his Youtube channel, the community took notice. Rumors, however, that his name was removed from the list, could not be confirmed by this author. (last access: May 24). And even if his name gets removed eventually, others without his superstar status will not be easily spared.

Bravo, Sweden.