Sweden video by Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec censored on Youtube!

Youtube censors ‘Sweden video’ for fear of world knowing what Sweden has turned into

A documentary on Sweden as the rape capital of the West by Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec went viral on Youtube, then got censored. It is still there, but comments and likes are now disabled. The view count is disabled. It doesn’t show in search results. The video hangs in Youtube limbo.

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If you protect your country, your women and children, that’s now racism

The censors took the video down for good reasons: It humiliates the corrupt Swedish government. It shows a broken society beyond repair. It is embarrassing to Sweden which prides itself as socialist paradise. Sweden, this vast, icy country with a small population (8 million) in some way has fallen to the dogs, and in the struggle for survival: if you can’t protect your own women and children, people will kick you from all sides for it.

The short documentary (16 min) simply reports “what the regime media won’t tell you” about rampant migrant crimes and the systematic oppression of the native Swedish people. The documentary aside, there are thousands of amateur videos showing Swedish people crying for help or showing violent migrants, so it seemed only reasonable that foreign journalists would visit Sweden and have a look around. What they found is indeed frightening: A native population totally intimidated, oppressed, silenced into a helpless, Kafkaesque passivity.

What is the background to Sweden’s invasion? Well, the totalitarian European Union has decided to de-nationalize all its member states and mix the native populations with immigrants from Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. This ‘Invasion’ by mostly Muslim males of fighting age with sharp knives to wield against white people is now causing massive social instability, which the Swedish and German regimes try to cover up. Worse: the regimes criminalize the natives for reporting migrant crimes–“Nazis!”

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US companies help EU regimes to cover up crimes and genocide against native populations

The film-makers and journalists Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec are US citizens, so they shouldn’t be fearing EU totalitarianism, hate crime laws, and constant government intimidation. Nevertheless, Youtube, a US media corporation owned by Google, has a strong interest in keeping “good relations” with US intelligence services and the US government, so the company shares a mutual interest with Washington in keeping the EU regimes in power and stable, at least for now. Therefore, not just Youtube and Google, but also Facebook and Twitter are all colluding with EU regimes such as the Swedish one and remove or hide regime-critical content.

That said, Youtube may censor as many Sweden videos as it pleases, it will only make Sweden’s situation worse. Sweden is a socialist experiment, its population brainwashed with cultural Marxist theory: a racial and social and sexist engineering project. Genocide is no small matter, even if their so-called liberalists disguise it as Marx-Orwellian “diversity.” Rape of Swedish women on a weekly basis is not OK.

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Swedish people oppressed, need foreign aid

Call for boycott against Sweden will largely be fruitless because the country is a nobody. Sweden has nothing and, most irritating, it can think up of no reason why it should actually exist as it is. Sweden is really just this: a vast land mass ready for the grab. [Hopefully, the “New Swedes” will make it great again]. The censorship of Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec’s documentary on Sweden as the rape capital of the West has proved the film makers’ point beyond all doubt, and Sweden probably deserves more of the same: more exposure, shame and humiliation on the genocidal Swedish government and its collaborators.

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