What is Deutungshoheit

December 1, 2014

Deutungshoheit: This is a German term meaning having the sovereignty over the definition of thought. It could also be called the ‘prerogative of final definition’. It is the reason why individuals, groups, and nations engage […]

The Spirit of the German People

August 22, 2014

BERLIN – After the Great Wars, the USA “colonized” the German lands. The Reich (Empire) was de-Nazified, but also de-Germanized, with the result that German culture, German philosophy, and the German sciences all came to […]

Having the Sovereignty over the Definition of Thought

May 14, 2013

Western domination over World History We have been there before. The West still cultivates the out-dated notion that “knowledge only exists if it’s the West that knows it.” The consequences of past Euro-centricism are far-reaching: By […]

Pattberg: Time for Chinese culture to strike back

February 15, 2013

Asia Times: Time for Chinese culture to strike back BEIJING – Failure to care about “cultural property rights” as much as Beijing frets over sovereignty of lands and seas has seen too many Chinese concepts […]

Science Magazine betreibt „WASP-Wortschatzpolitik“

October 13, 2012

Translated by Michèle Mialane Edited by Fausto Giudice Shengren? Nein, danke! Die US-amerikanische Zeitschrift Science Magazine lehnt jede chinesische Vokabel ab! Gehört „Shengren“ nicht zur Wissenschaft,  was wird man in China als „Wissenschaft“ bezeichnen? Der Shengren ist der grundlegendste Begriff der […]