Why the East-West Dichotomy betters Breitbart

November 9, 2017

Breitbart.com looks like the toilet paper used at East-West-Dichotomy.com Andrew Breitbart’s aims, if I recall correctly, were otherworldly noble: to “expose” the enemy of humanity-within: the tyranny of the Left, the so-called globalists with their […]

Jack Posobiec is a magician

May 26, 2017

Media critic Jack Posobiec is a magician. He takes all the Fakestream Media News of the week in his left hand, says three times fake, fake, FAKE, and flushes them down the toilet. What comes […]

The War against the Legacy Media

February 20, 2017

The democratically elected president of the United States called the legacy media “the enemy of the American people.” From a historical perspective, the president is a starfish. Not only does the legacy media lie to […]