Taoism vs Feminism

Has radical feminism gone too far? Time to unleash “the TAO”!

Transcript: Friends and colleagues, brothers and sisters! This is Thor Tukoll. I’m the author of The East-West Dichotomy. I just discovered a huge internet troll for myself that everyone else already seems to know about: The ‘game feminist’ Anita Sarkeesian.

She is protesting the way women are depicted in video games, and wants them to be depicted more like men; the men whom she accused in first place of depicting the women as women, not as men, because they are the ‘patriarchy’. But before I lose all my 82 subscribers, let us proceed and discuss what TAOISM has to say about Anita Sarkeesian and Feminism:

“Tao begets the One, the One consists of Two in opposition –the Yin and Yang. The Two begets the Three, the Three begets all things of the world. Including video games.”

The two are already one, but different. Only by interacting, do they form a circle.

You say, like most radical feminists do, that ‘gender’ is a social construct. It is not. It is how the world presents itself to us: in binaries, in oppositions. It’s ‘poise and counterpoise’, ‘night and day’, ‘female and male’… This is how we perceive the world, also.

It’s our cognitive dualism: the two hemispheres of our brain; the shared labor we find in society… Everything is based on this perception of the world into ‘one and the other’. Since you study literature you must know that even in writing there is a distinction between the feminine and the masculine aspect: Masculine is the choice of words; the feminine aspect in writing is the position of the words in the sentence. This is just the way how things are. You can change the names, but you cannot change the basic principle.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being different. Don’t hate yourself for being feminine, and don’t make others hate themselves because they are feminine.

‘Yin and Yang’ is a metaphor and allegory. It is also the result of a very scientific approach: It is the sunlight that falls on a pole stuck into the earth. It throws a shadow -Yang, that reflects the movement of light -Yin. If you don’t appreciate that simple dualism, call it by any other names you wish… Again, the principle stays the same! On summer solstice, when the day is longest, Yang is born. At winter solstice, when the night is longest, Yin is born. Hence the two little circles of opposite composition in each other’s field.

There is a masculine side to femininity; and there is a feminine side to masculinity. TAOISM says that: “Though knowing what is masculine, You are ready to play the role as female.” [And vice versa!]

We cannot change scientific facts and principles. You say: Well, at least change the way we perceive the world! Well, TAOISM says this is not quite possible, you see:

It is in the interest of women , the female, to strengthen its position in the world… of course, no one is denying it. It includes making full use of your strengths and advantages in life -of which there are plenty. But you will never escape the TAO. It exists forever!

Being different will only strengthen our relation. And we will survive. Balancing our strengths and weakness is very difficult, but is is also very satisfying. Most men still worship women; and most women, I claim, still worship men -it’s a “give-and-take.” But by waging “war” against each other, we will just stir up discontent and chaos.

There’s a good side to all of this, of course: Yin and Yang keep acting upon each other, constantly changing and keep unifying themselves -including video games. But it will never eliminate the distinction between the female and the male.

Anyway, this is the position of TAOISM. No more, but also no less. I’m now going back to play my Lego. Have a nice week, and talk to you soon!