Teen in Polish parliament: EU is Dictatorship of Political Correctness

Fearless teen from Poland calls the European Union a dictatorship that needs to be destroyed:

“We sit in the same place as the people who took us out from under the Soviet banner… and put us under the blue banner of the European Union. Under their dictatorship of political correctness hundreds of people die, run over by trucks, blown up by explosives or are shot to death by extremists who were imported by the leftist rabble in Brussels. Today the communists are not red, today’s communists are blue. Furthermore, I believe that the European Union must be destroyed. [Rips off a EU paper banner].”

Why is the European Union the NEW Soviet Union? MUST WATCH ANALYSIS:

The end of sovereign of nations, bullying, censorship, crackdown, political correctness, white genocide, autocracy. All this is the Totalitarian European Union today.