Terror Drives A Lorry Into A German Christmas Market

Terrorist Attack in Berlin

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—A terrorist attack was launched last night against a Christmas market in the German capital. The killer drove a lorry into the crowd. He murdered 12 people and injured 46 more. The terrorist probably has a migration background. We are almost certain because of the way the attack is reported in the German system press:

The German police and the media didn’t report the perpetrator’s identity. In Germany, ethnicity and nationality of perpetrators are “not important” to a crime and are thus censored on grounds of political correctness. Last week, US media exposed the largest German cover-up of migrant crime in history (a rape and murder in Freiburg that the regime deemed “not newsworthy”).

The Christmas market terrorist must have hijacked the heavy vehicle from a Polish driver, killed him, and then used the stolen lorry to bring death and destruction to the German people, their Christmas, their nation. We recall just how—four days ago, on December 16—a 12-years old Iraqi-German tried to bomb a Christmas market in Ludwigshafen. Obviously, there could be more attacks on Christmas markets in the making.

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor who has defended migrant crimes (she is subsidizing them), and who has threatened the Germans to shut-up about migrant crimes, is now likely to call the ‘State of Emergency’ over the Christmas season right into the New Year celebrations. [We recall that last New Year, over 2,000 women were sexually harassed, some raped, in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, and elsewhere.]

As to the politically correct reporting of this case, Minister of Interior De Maizière announced that the regime and the colluded media would take more time to think about how to represent this case to the public. He said the crime was probably an attack — “Vieles spricht für einen Anschlag“.

by the East-West Writer