Terrorist Art Hits German Mainstream

Syrian-German artist Manaf Halbouni erects first “Monument” to Islamic Terror in the Center of Dresden

DRESDEN (The East-West Writer) –In another humiliating blow to the nuts, the people of Germany now have to endure Islamic terrorist art in their cities or risk being labelled anti-refugee.

German-Syrian artist Manaf Halbouni – in collaboration with Dresden’s liberal major Dirk Hilbert – wants you to know that his monument to terror will remind the Germans also of the bombing of Dresden during World War Two. How kind.

It’s insane, if you think too much about it: Imagine the Germans mass-migrated into Syria and erected a monument to the terror in Dresden in front of the mosque of Aleppo to remind Syrians also of the bombing of their Aleppo.

You don’t have to study the history of colonialism to realize that Germany has lost complete control over its country. It’s the foreign masters now first.

The Islamic “Monument” is three scrapped busses stacked on the ground vertically at Dresdner Neumarkt, contrasting against the [Christian] Frauenkirche.

Symbol-Art of Islamic Terrorism

Is the flag of ‘Ahrar ash-Sham’, a terrorist group, photoshoped or not?

The inspiration came to the artist from a photograph (see image) of three busses stacked on the ground in the same manner in Aleppo, Syria, to intimidate the population. He thinks that Germans should get emotionally involved too and think of Islamic terror all the time when they think of Germany.

Rumor has it that the original busses in Aleppo featured a flag of known terrorist group ‘Ahrar ash-Sham’ right there on top of the center bus wrack. However, in the image that was circulated by the Western propaganda media the flag had been manually “cropped out.”

When ordinary German citizens protested the insult, the regime press brutally turned against the public, hailing the terrorist monument instead as an epic ‘Monument of Peace’. Which totally makes sense, oh mystical power of words, if you also believe that Islamic terrorists are just freedom fighters.

The artist, meanwhile, couldn’t be happier about his “controversy.” He clearly meant to offend the terrorists, not the victims. But hey, the more publicity the better, no? Freedom of expression [if only the native Germans had that freedom too]. Besides, all things “Islamic terrorism” make HUGE headlines in Europe, so it is only reasonable that artists will endlessly provoke. Islamic Terrorist Art has finally arrived in German mainstream.

And it proofs extremely successful.

Image source: Getty Images. Bus Monument in Dresden. The protesters hold letters: Heuchler -“Hypocrites”