WSJ attack on Pewdiepie was act of terrorism

The Globalist/Fakestream media decided to destroy Pewdiepie, the world’s most famous Youtuber, by smearing him an Anti-Semite and Nazi. The Wall Street Journal, a known leftist terror outfit often used to intimidate and coerce foreign governments and countries for political and ideological gains wrote a ‘hit-piece‘ on 27-years-old Felix Kjellberg, a Swedish national and video vlogger.

Pewdiepie has 53 million subscribers on Youtube and a combined watch-time of 150,000 years. The terrorist media fabricated ‘evidence’ out of context as the Pew’s Nazi symbolism and Hitler salutes, called up Disney’s Maker Studios and threatened the company into quitting its support for this Jew hater or else being targeted with a global slander campaign next. Extorted, Disney shit its pants and complied with the terrorists.

An “act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act is the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.” —

The WSJ instigated this ‘hate speech’ story and calculated that accusations of hate speech in refugee-crisis Europe would trigger state police and homeland security, lead to more arrests and massive crackdown, disrupt Youtube and Disney, tighten censorship, and, most importantly, would associate millions of mostly young innocent audiences with “antisemitism” where there was none.

As expected, within a week the European legacy media spread the “Nazi”-fakenews – no investigation, no questions asked – all over the Eurasian continent, criminalizing Pewdiepie and instilling fear in social media. The journo-terrorists responsible for the original hit-piece  — ROLFE WINKLERJACK NICAS and BEN FRITZ — even bragged about having linked Mr. Kjellberg forever to Neo-Nazi brands and websites.

Pewdiepie called it a malicious ‘personal attack’ and ‘cherry-picking’ and ‘Motherfuckers!’ and, close to tears, rallied the Youtube community to guard themselves against the calculated misrepresentations by the exceedingly militant dishonest press.

P.S. During a rally on saturday, US president Donald J. Trump said: “look what’s happening last night in Sweden” as he alluded to terror attacks. AP reported this: “It wasn’t clear what he was referring to and there were no high-profile situations reported in Sweden on Friday night…” #lastnightinSweden