The ECONOMIST, Ash vs Evil Dead, and the TWO one-Chinas

In the cult classic ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’, Ash’s hand got possessed by evil, so he saws it off. That evil hand “grows” a duplicate Ash, evil Ash, yet is cut off again.

So when his party discovers the ‘two Ashes’, they wonder who’s the real Ash and who’s the faker. Says evil Ash:  “Maybe I grew another hand, or maybe the hand grew another me. What’s the difference, Amanda?”

That, with a bit of imagination, is the con job the fake news media ECONOMIST tries to pull off on its readers in this week’s epic propaganda piece: ‘What is the one-China policy?’

“Its defeated government fled to the Chinese province of Taiwan, where it continued to call itself the government of all China. Since then there have been, in effect, two Chinas, both claiming the same territory.”

Indeed, what’s the difference, Amanda? Maybe China grew another province, or the province grew another China? Let’s have two Chinas!

“America did not want to turn its back entirely on capitalist Taiwan, which it had hitherto recognised as the rightful China. So it devised a ‘one-China policy’, which was simply to acknowledge that both sides of the Taiwan Strait recognised the existence of only one China (their own). The policy did not clarify which side had the right to rule to Taiwan.”

In the film, evil Ash of course wants it all democratic and liberal, which immediately gives away that he must be the impostor. He is sent back to hell. Evil hand is again exposed, and cut to bits.

Image Source: Ash vs. Evil Dead. Ash’s severed hand grew another Ash, got severed again. Who’s evil Ash?