Merkel Regime Near Collapse

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—Die German weekly ‘Die Zeit’ (Times) is the supreme mouth-piece of the German-US transatlantic lobby and globalist cartel. Occasionally, however, the propaganda racket singles out one of their own disgraced agents and parades its stellar incompetence.

But first, a little background information: In concert with her masters in Washington and the US global media mafia, Ms. Merkel thought it absolutely “guaranteed” that Ms. Clinton would become the next US president. So the German government and the lying press, in the greatest post-war propaganda effort on record, told the German people, over and over again, that Trump was the new Hitler and his voters were all racist, xenophobic women-haters, and altogether a “threat to democracy.”

Thus came along that now disgraced German ‘Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee’, Norbert Röttgen, who boasted in March:

“Trumps personality consists of impotence, disrespect and self-reference. His means by which he acquires majorities are the production of fear, anger and hatred.”– Source: Kölner Stadtanzeiger

He also said:

“Trump is completely inexperienced in every respect. There is no program at all. Foreign policy does not play any role in its method of winning the majority.” – Source: Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Well, Trump won the US presidency. Guess what Mr. Röttgen says today:

“I have tried to make contacts during my trips to Washington and New York this year, but I have not, we have not succeeded in …” –Source: Die Zeit

Don’t he worry. Trump forgives. If you lick his orange butt. Röttgen had nothing but contempt for the Trump team, because… why, he thought the Trump team would be dealt with like Berlin deals with hooligans from Lower Saxony: Nazi, und weg!

Mr. ‘Chairman of the Foreign Affairs’ must shit all the staircases right now. The USA has 174 military posts in Germany, surveils the entire German population, colonizes the German economy, and can end the Merkel regime in two weeks if so identified as “anti-American.”

The country is seriously running into danger of becoming a failed state if the US suddenly abandons her. [The UK already abandoned her ->Brexit]. With US protection, Germany could bully smaller EU members, sponsor authoritarian Brussels, and felt so big it lectured the Turks, the Russians, the Greeks, the Chinese about how great life as US colony can be, all the while oppressing its own German people. The ‘liberals’ called their unchecked, godly powers: ‘liberalism’.

Merkel and her clique to this day conspire with the Obama/Clinton clique. Now that clique is (almost) finished. Worse, Mr. Trump blasted Merkel for ruining her country with mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East: “It’s a sad, sad shame.”

So far, ‘Europe’s iron lady’ silenced most dissent. She warns about the Trump effect. Germany has brutal ‘hate-speech’ laws [“Merkel should be stoned” sets you back $2.219]. Even Facebook and Twitter and Google censor in the name of Mutter Merkel. Die Zeit runs article after article after article after article calling for the repression of the mob. It’s a totalitarian situation, complete with thought police [the Amadeu Antonio Foundation] and mass censorship.

The German regime and the lying press will tell you that the enemies of freedom are everywhere, and that the whole world is conspiring against the liberal West. It is not. The whole word is just standing there, awestruck, watching in disbelief as Merkel ruins Europe and destroys her own race.

by the East-West Writer

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