The Red Terror and InVasion that IS—WAS The ECONOMIST

We simply call this invasion liberal and democratic.

Ever thought of defending your borders, protecting your people, and establishing law and order? Yes? You right-wing extremist, you protectionist sack!

How about cherishing family values and loving your own culture and race, independence, peace, and stability? Yes? You intolerant moron, your racist piece of shit, you Nazi collaborator!

And this one: How about prosecuting corrupt politicians, colluded journalists, and the terror media cartels? Yes? You hateful, treacherous anti-freedom Trump muppet, you pedophile, homophobic son of a woman-hating white supremacist! How dare you!

“After the one-two punch of Brexit and Trump, Europeans are watching every coming election, from Austria to the Netherlands to France, for fear it could become the next staging post in the long march to illiberalism.” —Economist

“Illiberalism”? Liberating your country from slavery, foreign rule, and totalitarian European Union IS NOW “ILLIBERALISM”?!!!

The Economist propaganda: New World Order, or nothing!

If the Economist writes it, and nobody reads it, is it still disgusting propaganda?

The Economist is the London-based, part US-controlled globalist invasion of a reality-bending, disruptive, lying LEFT, our so-called globalists. They are anything but a force of liberation: They are the invasion! They the globally operating end-monopolies, that’s what they are! And you must obey! ... NEVER!

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The globalists have hijacked ‘Liberal and Democracy’, a label which —judging from how spectacularly intolerant the globalists really are— will impress future historians little more than ‘National Socialism’ did in the last century: The agenda of the self-declared ECONOMIST(s) lies naked and exposed:

Anonymous master narrative, defaming foreign leaders and subverting sovereign nations

The Economist Propaganda: Evil Countries!

The anonymous authorship and master narrative of the Economist, a reminiscence of the colonial narrative: talking down to nations, attacking undesirable foreign leaders, countries, ideas,… everyone and everything that opposes the globalist ideology of no borders, no privacy, no choice, no races, no gender, no sovereignty, no freedom, no alternative model.

Showcasing favorable US satellite states, dissidents, trouble-makers as saviors, saints, and great leaders

The Economist propaganda: Good countries!

The Economist showers US allies (however incompetent) with praise and fabricates foreign dissidents and saviors (however dubious) who then go on and sully the names of our enemies, too.

And if all leads fail, as they typically do because the Economist is a piece of crap, that’s only because the entire world and the majorities of each and every nation is “undemocratic” and “illiberal”. Get it?! You, the people, is the problem! You must be terrorized so that the Economist wins!

It gets better: The Economist advertises itself as “the authority voice on politics, economics…”. It is NOT authoritative! IT IS AUTHORITARIAN VOICE! Not a single of the Economist’s journalists is an expert on anything. They are the unelected, they are the undemocratic, they are the ones without credibility!

The journalists have their press cult, they have their political marching orders. They must be corrupt for a living (it is still a business and multi-million dollar advertisement firm, after all!).

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Citizen media must rise and oppose the tyranny of the legacy media

Guess who also thrives on war and terror? It’s the Economist!

The legacy media, this old henchman of oppressive Empire is unjust, biased, manipulative, so dishonest and completely out of touch with reality.

Have you thought of this: That a media can both be criminal AND evil? That the Economist IS -WAS an invasion force? One anonymous journalist, and 900.000 “respectable” professionals week-after-week suddenly feel authoritatively “informed”? The greatest con! It isn’t even Animal farm, Ladies and Gentlemen: it is an INSECT LIFE!

That the legacy media needs to be reformed or abolished for your civilization’s sake is urgent as pest! It is true! Resist! Because with a media that expects your enslavement, GOODBYE!