Why I do have better thumbnails than the ‘Crap News Network’

CNN is writing about the USA’s “imminent attack” on North Korea. And how China is the real adversary.

Let’s look into this.

But first, history lesson: Neither North Korea nor China have ever attacked the United States, but the United States have invaded both countries before. Also, it is the United States that has overseas military bases all over East Asia while China and North Korea have together none. Also note that the United States dropped 26,171 Bombs in 7 Countries in 2016.  Again, China and North Korea combined: zero.

Against this background, consider the INSANE hypocrisy and enemy propaganda by its author, Mike Gallagher:

Uuuuh, thumbnail.

“…despite this enormous success, not everyone in Asia is happy with the American-led order.” Not everyone? What could the Asians possibly be happy with? Asian-led order, maybe?

“Both China and North Korea dream of a world where autocracies can bully their neighbors…” ?Yeeees,… keep going, Mr. Gallagher…

“…while the international community turns a blind eye to domestic oppression.” Can’t think of domestic problems in the USA. Anybody’s calling you ‘fake news media’ recently, CNN?

“That these behaviors come as a pair is no accident.” Tell us about it, USA.

When to call a dictator... and when to let him leave a message
Urgh, thumbnail.

“After all, autocratic regimes often seek to channel their people’s frustrations at external adversaries, real or imagined.” What like weapons of mass distraction in Iraq, Assad using chemical weapons in Syria, and North Korea wanting to wipe out America? The USA attacked over 180 countries in the last two centuries–for whatever reasons we have!

“And in the case of North Korea and China, that adversary is the United States.” Are you nursing us, CNN? Who’s the bigger superpower? Who’s constantly talking about North Korea and China being our adversaries? What a cunning media!

“Both countries have long deployed propaganda designed to bolster nationalist credentials and enflame [sic] anti-American sentiment.” That is sick. You could also have said “they drunk lots of water and were eating food just to survive this day and stare us in the face to mock us!”

You want countries to go to war,” do you, Mr. Gallagher. It is not journalism.