SHOCKING: TIME magazine awards ‘Person of the Year’ to… a Sexist Ideology!

In today’s lesson, let us talk about the gossip press. And the person of the year is… tada:


That’s right!

“Time Magazine names #metoo movement as 2017 Person of the Year”–New York Daily News

“You expert idiots! A hashtag is not a person!”

“MeToo creator Tarana Burke: ‘It’s not just a moment, it’s a movement!'”–NBC News

“Well, let’s find the persons who re-tweeted it!”


“EVERYONE! And let’s call them ‘The Silent Breakers’! Uh-oh! The millions of females who broke the silence over their privacy, smearing men’s sex lives and tattle-tale their sexual innuendos.”

“Time Magazine’s Person of the Year isn’t just one person — but millions of victims of sexual harassment and assault.”–New York Daily News

Leftists love it. Feminists love it. Pseudo-science loves it. The person of the year: A sexist ideology! You cannot possibly be NOT a me-tooer! [you chauvinistic misogynist pig!] The award was clearly stolen from short-listed Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, who actually is a… is a real person. TIME! Bomb. Cover.

On the gossiper’s side: Time Magazine has always mostly selected ‘persons’ that had brought division, war, and terror and thus helped the piss paper to sell its copies: Adolf Hitler in 1938. Josef Stalin in 1939 and 1942. Ayatullah Khomeini in 1979. Angela Merkel in 2015….

Image source: NBC News, Today Explosive: Silent Breakers speak out


TIME magazine awards ‘Person of the Year’ to…a Sexist Ideology! –