German Trade Union Calls on Workforce To Inform On Colleagues, Denounce Political Dissidents

Every time you think Germany can’t get any worse…

So you have read about the latest censorship. The crackdown. The political repression. No? Good worker! Because reading about the censorship and crackdown and repression is a typical radical right-wing habit, you ought to know that!

Spying. Denouncing. Agitating. Isolating. Mishandling.

Verdi, a German trade union, now wants its workforce to inform on each other’s reading habits and political views! A 4-page brochure entitled ‘Aid for dealing with right-wing populism at work and in administration‘ appeared on a Verdi subdomain for its Weser-Ems region, but was quickly removed (see archived snapshot here).

Watch what your colleagues read! Watch what clothes your colleagues wear! Listen what your colleagues say! Notice anything racist, antisemitic, homophobic, right-wing, or nationalistic? Isolate them! Exclude them from meetings! Denounce them!

A dangerous political repression looms under the pixel-thin color-banner of diversity: Verdi discriminates against everyone who discriminates…