Tree of Logic submits to German censorship… for now

We just discovered that Tree of Logic, the black female activist who went viral with her ‘Make Germany Great Again’ series, finally succumbed to German censors. In a previous video, she explained how a German watchdog tracked her down in the USA. She sought legal council.

“Ironically, it was the last video I did talking on Germany. I was so disgusted with Germany that I decided not to do any more videos after that. I was just done. Well, not any more. Things have changed. This strike has done, shall we say: struck the fire in my body to get back on Germany…”Tree of Logic

Blacklisted by German thought police, Tree got her strongest video ‘Muslim terrorists are welcomed in Germany’ removed by YouTube. She won’t appeal the strike, she says, citing survival and common sense: She would rather be able to help people in her other 77 videos [she now has 41,000 subscribers!], than seeing her entire channel sink into oblivion without a trace.

“You wanna censor me? Ok. You win. I won’t do it here. I just do it on my website, […] I have no choice. […] If I wanna preserve this channel, I have no other choice to submit to the powers that be. And I will. Because having those videos available to you is more important to me than bugging the system.”Tree of Logic

YouTube, which is owned by Google, deletes videos left and right, and bans and de-monetizes thousands of content creators for ‘offensive’ commentaries. The German regime in particular cracks down on ‘fake news’ and ‘hate speech’. Minister of Justice Heiko Maas threatens US corporations such as YouTube with fines up to 50 million euros for hosting inflammatory material.

Tree of Logic stands no chance against the system, as thousands of German ‘censors’ now police the platform and flag down videos they deem political incorrect.

The times when Americans could freely speak their minds on German policy are over.