Erdogan and Cavusoglu accuse Merkel regime of “Nazi methods”

Merkel cuts off Turkish diaspora from their fatherland: They are the New Germans now!

BERLIN – German regime media have launched a propaganda Blitzkrieg on Turkey, basically calling Turkey’s commander in chief Erdogan a dictator and ‘Ziegenficker‘ -Goat fucker. Only problem: There are 1,5 million Turks living in Germany. So, now Erdogan of course wants to reach his fellow goat fuckers and tell them a word or two about political oppression in Germany.

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Turkish foreign minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu for example promised to address Turkish diaspora in Hamburg despite an initial ban. Merkel earlier this year announced that the German people are “EVERYONE who lives in this country,” essentially claiming foreign passport holders, migrants, and refugees as “New Germans,” and barring any foreign power from meddling.

Erdogan and Cavusoglu accuse the Merkel regime of political repression and “Nazi methods.” Said Erdogan: “If they do not open the door to us and do not let us speak, the world will tremble!”