US Launches ‘World Conspiracy Theory’: Critics of the West Are Paid 50 Cents By Evil Chinese Regime!

So ashamed of Yahoo! News and Associate Press (AP). The USA is desperate to launch this brutal campaign against international dissent.

There is no world conspiracy against the USA!

It’s real people, hundreds of millions of them, billions even, that are completely frustrated with US foreign policy of state terror, mass surveillance, lies of the mass media, and enemy propaganda.

The Art of Barbarity

So, our conniving American masters of the universe and the colluded Western press slander half of those commentators as “50-cent army” and “paid by the Chinese government?” Only as a justification, of course, for the Western media to censor tens of millions of so-called anti-Western comments in their comment sections!

The USA are no better than China. In fact, at least China is honest about censorship. But the West, the West is a gossip and a cunt.

Enemy Propaganda

I’m not gonna lie to you. Censorship in China is bad. But it cannot hold the candle to censorship in the West. Of course you cannot see what’s censored, Tinkerbell. That’s because it’s censored. As the historian Howard Zinn once remarked: “If something is omitted from history, you have no way of knowing it is omitted.”

US launches China conspiracy theory
Russia troll army
Fiendish governments are behind this: If somebody posts a negative comment under a Western propaganda article, that’s because those commentators are paid by the enemy to do it! [Images above: Western News spread conspiracy theories about China’s “50 Cent Army” and Russia’s “Troll Army’]