The War against the Legacy Media

The democratically elected president of the United States called the legacy media “the enemy of the American people.” From a historical perspective, the president is a starfish.

Not only does the legacy media lie to the American people and fabricate polls and write hit pieces against the president [calling him “racist,” “antisemitic,” and “women-hating”], but it also engages in a brutal crusade against its other ideological enemies: the nation states.

Everyone who is freer than the next bleeding man is probably a fraud

The legacy media brags it must be absolutely and totally “free,” freer than all the governments themselves. In fact, nobody is freer than the “free press.” No human group or profession, not even diplomats and bankers, enjoy this total immunity from law and accountability than our so-called “free” media corporations. The president needs to get elected. And the media? Fuck you, Mr. President!

The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 17, 2017

The legacy media is desperate of course to tell you a fake story: How it is the media that is so oppressed, and oppressed everywhere in the world! In reality, the journalists are the most privileged, abusive and militant class on this planet: illegitimate, unlimited, and lawless. You tell a journalist: You went too far! And he will go even farther. Just out of spite.

The legacy media is more truth-averse than the church ever was. It tells us what to think, whom to vote, and whom to go to war with. The legacy media decides winners and losers, just like the church decided good and evil. [The guys on the other side are evil of course.] And just like the church, the media wants to decide all those things forever.

Fake news = fake history

The legacy media brags about ‘democracy’, yet it is the first censor. Just daring to suggest that the high priests should be dethroned was once considered an attack on freedom. It was not. It was a liberation!

Just daring to suggest that the legacy media should be dethroned is considered an attack on freedom! It is not. It is a liberation!

The legacy media brainwashed all of us into believing that it is the ‘Forth pillar’ of Civilization and that without it society would collapse. Not a fucking thing collapses without the legacy media, except its legacy!

The legacy media is imperialist in character. It sends its press soldiers to foreign nations and demands complete access and submission. And if not granted, the press soldiers will subvert that nation, defame its current leaders, and install dissidents and trouble-makers as saints and next great leaders. Due to Empire, the legacy media spawned franchises and dependencies all over the world. Hence this globalists’ “media concert.”

A world without the legacy media

The good American was like the good German: “I don’t care what our propaganda media does, as long as we are winning. Go and fuck over the world, divide and conquer, tell lies, so funny!” But what if the FAKE NEWS media achieved world domination and shows a dangerous contempt for the laid-back people, all the people, and now preys upon America?

The legacy media is not oppressed! It is a global war machine and organized terror! The media will not tell you to fight the media. It will not offer you a solution, the ONLY solution: Liberation! The legacy media must be exposed.

Make no mistake. The legacy media fights like the church once fought: censorship, inquisition, criminalization… everything it can maintain its monopoly and global narrative with. The media will call the people “undemocratic!” The reality is: The people are fighting the worst tyranny!

A decade ago we had no voice, because the media was the only voice. We developed no people’s legacy, because we were never supposed to have a legacy. This is going to change.