White Trash: English Teacher Hilary Bower Killed by Chinese Mistress

HONG KONG – Is this the former colony’s murder of the century: A white English “academic” who got killed by mainlanders over a HKD9m windfall from his Shenzhen property sale? Or so the UK propaganda media first told the story. Now, the situation looks more like a relationship clusterfuck:

A week ago on April 8, when your polemicist first noticed the suspicious ‘white speak’ in Hilary Bower’s potential murder story, he knew intuitively that it was UK propaganda over one of their own: In Hong Kong, “British lecturer” really means unqualified white dude teaching his native tongue. And when your commentator saw “long-term expatriate” he just knew Bower was the backpacker who never left, thus a white immigrant. The Guardian calls “Hilary St John Bower” a “academic,” despite Mr. Bower not having a PhD or publications. In fact, a white face is the supreme teacher qualification in China. And when your commentator read about “his girlfriend,” he knew instantly this was white code for Bower’s mistress or Asian plaything.

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Hilary Bower was 60 years old, his “girlfriend” is allegedly in her 30’s. She allegedly lives with their 6-years-old son in Shenzhen in mainland China, while Mr. Bower worked in adjacent Hong Kong. Shenzhen is media famous for its many ‘mistress villages‘.

Bower’s British relatives put great trust in the corrupt British media. They were not worried at all, it seems, that Mr Bower perhaps would have preferred his Asian adventures and life-style to be less publicized. At first, it seemed to work in their favor: Within 5 days, all major British media had published the identical article about the Bower family version of the story. Chinese source were discredited from the get-go as “shabby and shambolic.” It was probably all about the money from a property sale worth HKD9m, Bower’s family speculated.

Also, his family accused the Chinese police of course of having left the family in the dark. [Or, the family probably just cannot communicate in Chinese -it’s possible.] Not a single Western journalist for the BBC, The Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Independent, the Guardian, and hundreds more, seemed to have investigated, questioned, double-checked the facts. Just mindless repetition.

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The Chinese version, meanwhile, tells a complete other story. Here’s a English breakdown: In it, Mr. Bower had another woman on the start in Shenzhen, which he visited before he planned to check on his girlfriend (on the night he was murdered). The police suspects a jealous crime. The mistress apparently turned herself in on April 7, confessing to Mr. Bower’s murder on March 22. She was aided by her cousin and a third male person.

This Chinese version, if closer to the truth [it’s still a propaganda war, and highly political, since diplomats are involved], blows apart the Western media initial propaganda and the Bower family angle on things. British diplomats and UK-US capital media had early signalized, with their concerted effort to syndicate the Bower family version, that China’s investigation is flawed, untrustworthy, and that the story must be exclusive UK-US master narrative. If you are not familiar with the mechanics of global media: it means that editors in Washington, New York, and London decide on what becomes the China facts, regardless of the facts. This was agreed on to be the perfect murder story to instill fear and anxiety, with no white person feeling save in China. Now it looks Mr. Bower was a bully and sexual predator who tragically met his killer.

Already, after the initial and natural grief over the senseless loss of life, angry Chinese net-citizens and feminists condemn white privilege, white trash, patriarchy, and white sexpats. White exploitation of Asian females is rampant. Mistress culture out of control.

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The Western media manipulation reminds your commentator of the Hollywood blockbuster “Nightcrawler” in which the news editor explains to a crime reporter the media’s supreme angle: “We like crime, not all crime: […] Urban crime creeping into the suburbs. What that means is the victim is preferably well-off and white, injured by the hands of the poor or the minorities.”

And when the white victims in that movie were discovered to have a dark side as well, the news editor simply ignores that bit of information: “It distracts from the story!”

The Bower murder is bound to get more ugly twists and turns. God knows how much more misery and adultery and madness there is. So many families and lives ruined. Here’s a latest ‘Breaking News’, but from Hong Kong Free Press. The white speak thankfully is gone. Mr. Bower is now just a “English teacher” and Hong Kong “resident.” He probably led a double-life. His “mistress” and two accomplices have been arrested for his murder. They allegedly decapitated him. His girlfriend reported him missing only seven days later. Because he was jerk.

Thor Tukoll is a pen name of Thorsten J. Pattberg, a German writer and cultural critic. He is the author of The East-West Dichotomy,  Shengren, and Inside Peking University.

2016 (c) Thor Tukoll