Who can save Germany from Angela Merkel’s Corrupt Anti-German Regime?

There’s just TOO MUCH TO COVER on the Fall of Germany and the Rise of the Totalitarian EU

It’s just a never-ending, epic communist revolution: The German propaganda machine has lost all touch with humanity. Black is white, white is classified, red is the oceans–bullshit and gloss-over and deliberate omission of the most important facts: Your regime, Ms. Merkel is finished!

New Germany, New Germans, New Enemies of State: the Europafeinde

And everything happened so fast: The struggle for survival: “Europafeinde”–Enemies of Europe–EVERYWHERE!!! The solution: Crackdown on all social media. That way, the Germans have to weep in silence, at home, into their pillows, because they will have no work. Not a day passes when the German thought police doesn’t destroy some poor sob [who posted or shared the “incorrect” Twitter or Facebook post].

But that’s not it: Policemen, army men, the bureaucrats… are getting suspended, even arrested on the spot, for alleged ‘hate crimes’–meaning protesting Angela Merkel’s insane anti-German propaganda: the selfless migrant, the romanticized population replacement, salvation through cultural suicide, the evil white pro-Trumpers, pro-AfDs.

All over the German-speaking lands, criminal migrant gangs harass German kids and grope or rape native German women but are let off the hook: Instead, the Germans are to blame for it! the Germans are inherently racist! Without a twig of a spine, the regime puts up posters in swimming pools: Dear Migrants, Please don’t grab German women. It gets better: Migrants–who are really “invaders” (80% of them are young African and Oriental males)–are glorified as ‘refugees’ and were permitted to plunder shops, supermarkets, insult females on the streets, and consider buses and trains as their personal free ride. Bombastic reports from the regime media hail migrant clans and their children: the future German, and how they “overcame the racism” ingrained in German society.

One way, the most dangerous way, to stay in power: Get rid of the native Germans, call them Nazis, breed them out of existence, invite foreign invaders and let THEM vote for you. Better: De-nationalize the nation. No nation, no people’s power whatsoever.

We’re living in times of terror: It’s survival or the regime

The regime press–ARD, ZDF, Die ZEIT, FAZ, Der SPIEGEL, Focus, and Sueddeutsche, etc.–all withhold the ethnicity and nationality of criminal groups, if they report the crimes at all! It’s gotten so corrupt that even American journalists residing in Berlin see ‘Communism’ and ask whether German censorship has gone too far. Last year, the New York Times and AP and many more US media, probably after consulting with the German-based CIA, exposed the regime’s cover-up of the brutal rape and murder of a beautiful German girl by one of Merkel’s protected “refugees.” Berlin didn’t expect the exposure, not from its US masters! Merkel instantly–yet: too late–rushed a counter-propaganda campaign against the hate against raping and murdering migrants: The real problem was RACISM against the rapist, not the rape and death of the German girl!

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The small town where the rape and murder happened was “sealed off”–contained. No see, no hear, no tell. Merkel issued a stark warning to the townspeople: Shut up, or else…! Local authorities and police tried to hush up the story, arrested “xenophobic, anti-migrant, anti-Europe” so-called populists. In 2016 alone, over 600,000 migrant crimes were hushed-over and covered-up.

In order to smear the locals as “Nazis,” the regime has to invent and fabricate ever new propaganda to create a parallel universe. A socialist, multicultural ‘paradise’ led by Supreme Leader Merkel in which her people have to sacrifice their women and daughters for atonement of their forefathers’ past Nazi sins. The radical left, profiting from this socialist insanity, is “planting” hate-crimes, spraying swastikas on house-walls, so that the press gets fodder for fake reports on “the rise of right-wing extremism.” In reality, it’s the opposite: Nobody is safe from migrant crimes and the terror of the collaborating Left.

Merkel Regime crack down on natives–all Nazis!

But the worst of it all is the crackdown on US social media. Merkel fears a revolution much like BREXIT or TRUMP America. So the ruthless empress ordered the shut down of millions of people on the Internet. Regime press curators, thousands of them, “moderate” comment section and thus create pro-Merkel, anti-Trump echo chambers. Fake polls cheering for Merkel are flooding the news. In reality, Merkel cannot go anywhere without being booed and spit at–she travels surrounded by special deployment units, behind panzerglass, backed-up by snipers on adjacent rooftops. This is true dictatorship, more surreal, more insane than dystopian fiction.

The internet is plastered with videos showing Merkel being booed and despised by the people. Such videos are usually taken down swiftly: hateful content. The corrupt regime media, meanwhile, is faking cheering crowds, poster women, and studio-produces pro-Merkel rubbish.

Oh, wait, it gets better: The “Hitler press”–publications that profit from Hitler and Nazi stories–fabricate new Hitlers (Erdogan, Trump, Xi Jinping…) out of thin air, and… Nazis everywhere! Die ZEIT launched a new revisionism: D17–Germany in 2017 is a country of immigration! Schools and universities are patrolled by ‘red guards’–fascists who call themselves ‘antifascist’ that denounce dissident professors, writers, artist. Worse even than a Nazi: the Europafeind. Watch out for the Europfeind! Fear the Europafeind! The Europafeind is everywhere among us!

The “Hitler-Press” Die ZEIT is profiting from the Nazi narrative, fabricates Nazis weekly, and warns against “the enemies of Europe” who “must be feared.” Nazis.

Against the will of the people, the regime has turned West Germany into a doppelganger of East Germany: thought police, censorship, citizens inform on citizens, extreme enemy propaganda against the critics of the state. The US media remain silent. The UK media remain silent. One day, they will wake up to the truth: the enemy of Freedom is Germany.

The German Future is NOT Democracy

Will the Germans be able to shackle off this genocidal censorship regime? The opposition, the AfD party, has only 6 million followers. Not enough to defeat a regime that controls ALL media of matters. Will the rest of the Germans “wake up” in time before they are stripped of all rights? And, most importantly, will the world just sit and wait until Germany and the unelected EU transforming into a totalitarian block with gulags and re-education camps and an EU army?