Why I liked Antipaganda

BERLIN – Germany does not have American-style freedom of speech. However, many US social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube offer Germans a stateless platform that allows them to criticize their regime and expose the lying press. For how much longer, though, is a matter of weeks: Berlin has declared war on citizen media. We come to that in a minute.

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A little historical perspective is necessary: For over 71 years, Germany has effectively been foreign-ruled. Its citizens were indoctrinated and kept submissive and powerless. Pro-US puppet regimes were installed to safeguard an export-oriented Western production base. The US controlled the military, education and communication, and spied on German banks and businesses.

Kept greedy but in servitude, the German elites were lured into a ‘first-profits-the-most’ US ponzi-scheme: globalism. For instant personal gain, the German elites betrayed their own people and sold off their nation’s rest sovereignty to a US-backed European super-satellite, the EU. The media cartels, corrupted by their information monopoly, became the new tyrant: reality-bending misinformation, lies and deception. Their victims: the free people and the true sovereign nation states.

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Thought police, political repression, enemy propaganda: If you live in Germany, you are constantly being told that you are surrounded by evil dictatorships and brainwashed populations: Russia, Turkey, Brexit Britain, Trump America, Modi’s India, Iran, China, anti-globalists and xenophobes -ONLY Germany and the EU are democratic and free. NOT.

In times like these, a brave resistance emerges [read: the Top 20 German political dissidents]. Most truth-tellers are crushed of course. Some others hang on, but radicalize quickly. Very few find a friendly style and niche and manage to gain a respectable following in a short enough time to stand a chance against state censors.

Antipaganda, an up-and-coming Youtube channel, is friendly and respectable. It has gained 3,066 followers (as of March 8, 2017). A languid, blond German woman speaks her mind from behind her… is that a kitchen table?… about “wars, migration, propaganda, mass-psychology, and manipulation.” The concept works. The channel is very good. Antipaganda is smart and her conservatism is liberating. She eludes the radical Left for now, I suppose, because of her calm effect and well-presented argument, but who can tell for sure.

We follow her on the screen of her laptop breaking down the insane propaganda news of today, ranging from “politicized German carnival,” over “mothers of two is bullied by state media debt collectors,” to all the things that “happened last night in Sweden.”

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The channel is in German language [subtitles and translation no problem in 2017] and still has many more bases to cover. That said, she surely has broken through that all-important threshold when ignoring her work puts YOU at fault.