Youtube censors the German Gandalf [Curd Schumacher, aka Volxtribun]

Curd Schumacher, the AfD Gandalf, voice actor, political activist, and outspoken regime-critic, was taken down by Youtube. His channel, Volxtribun, is gone. Luckily some of his censored videos have since been re-uploaded by his fans.

Merkel’s crackdown on social media and regime-critical influencer

The Merkel regime is cracking down on US social media such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter and forces them to censor so-called political influencers. Curd’s main Youtube channel had collected almost 8,000 followers before it disappeared. His show was largely satirical and highly entertaining.

Curd Schumacher saw his popular Youtube channel ‘Volxtribun’ terminated and all his videos removed. He opened a new one: Gandalf s Klatsche.