Youtube Censors Polish Government: Angry Foreigner Re-uploads Video! MUST WATCH

Youtube censors Poland’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration

A video entitled ‘Europe opens her eyes and admits we were right‘ with 137,000 views uploaded by the Youtube Channel ‘The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration of Poland’ was put into Youtube limbo: delisted, deranked, unsuitable for audiences.

“The Polish government uploaded this video on their channel and it got put in YouTube Gulag, meaning the video doesn’t show up on search results nor as related when watching other clips. Thus severely limiting its reach.”–Angry Foreigner

How have we come to this?

“Western Europe is struggling with decades of a policy of multiculturalism and political correctness.”

The Merkel regime in Germany and the totalitarian European Union in Brussels want to replace the Polish native population with mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East. Just like we have seen in Germany, France, and Sweden. Mixing the races and cultures, destroying the native’s ethnic and national identity, and, worst of all, slapping them around like dogs is the ultimate goal of the unelected EU autocrats. To this kind of treatment, Poland objects.

The Battle for Poland’s sovereignty

“Not every immigrant is a refugee, and only a few are fleeing from war and terror.”

The EU’s plan for Poland is simple: Choke it, suffocate it, contain it, break it. So, the Polish government posted this video below on its official Youtube channel. The video shows the disastrous consequences of forced uncontrolled mass immigration and population replacement policy in Europe. Youtube, which colludes with Germany and the EU, however, immediately identified the Polish content as anti-EU, anti-Merkel, anti-refugee, and thus put it in Youtube limbo where nobody can find the video anymore. Also, it is never recommended in the ‘related videos’ section. [last date checked: Dec 06, 2017].

Europa otwiera oczy i przyznaje nam rację

(‘Europe opens her eyes and admits we were right‘–The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration)

Angry Foreigner re-uploads banned Polish video

An angry Swedish Youtuber going by the handle ‘Angry Foreigner‘ re-uploaded the Polish video [see below], “to fight the censorship” and to let you, the viewers, decide for yourselves what to make of this.” If this won’t open your eyes about the totalitarian European Union and its crackdown on US social media, nothing will.


Youtube Censors Polish Government: Angry Foreigner Re-uploads Video! MUST WATCH –