Golden Age of Dilettant Social and Political Commentary on Youtube Seems Over

I remember the time when I first saw political and social commentary on Youtube and thought to myself: Wait a minute this is illegal in Germany! In Germany, where I grew up, it is illegal to act like a media or commentator or expert without a state licence. Most Youtube creators didn’t even have what is called an ‘impressum’: a legal address for the police and the state to contact the owner. But, hell, I thought this is capitalist America, you have so much freedom!

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Everyone could be the media; everyone could become an expert

And for a while, this freedom shortly swept over to socialist Europe. Every US Youtube format was imitated by some German content provider, and they happily aped ‘news shows’, ‘talk shows’, ‘game shows’, ‘reviews’ and talked big politics as if they were top political insiders. They were not. They just googled their “facts” and borrowed images and clips from the real media, then called the real media ‘lying press’ and simply dubbed their own opinions.

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It was all ‘faking’ credentials, but of course this was the people, the people are hundreds of millions! So A LOT of ugly truths and revolutionary thoughts were spilled. It was glorious! For a while, Youtubers felt they were equal or even more powerful than the establishment media. It was only a matter of time, when the establishment strikes back.

Cut off their financial support, blacklist their content, criminalize them

After the American election that was won by Donald Trump through the mob media, the establishment declared war on so-called ‘fake news’. Just like in Germany, the US regime calls every social or political Youtuber a radical right-wing extremist or Nazi or conspiracy theorist, and sends in the thought police. It is not yet as inhumane as in Germany with its mass deletions, prosecution and crackdown. America for now just coerces Google and Youtube (but also Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as major advertisement firms into delisting and demonetizing the mob.

Here’s TJ Kirk, aka The Amazing Atheist, who explains how to possibly survive the great censorship:

Here is Joey Salads on how he is losing thousands of dollars because of Youtube censorship:

Here is Glink with his theory on the battle between the Old Media vs. the New Media:

And, lastly, Roaming Millennial on Totalitarian Media and Shadowbans:

Youtube hosts tens of thousands of political and social commentators big and small that are no longer welcomed. Images (l. t. r.): Amazing Atheist, Joey Salads, Glink, Roaming Millennial (via Youtube).