The Great Youtube Thinning

Google targets Leafy, Pewdiepie, Paul J Watson, Philip DeFranco, Alex Jones, and JonTron…

You won’t be able to find them anymore*

*in restricted mode

Defenders of Youtube‘s rampant censorship usually repeat the same corporate mantra: Google, which owns Youtube, is a private company, ergo it can promote, delete, or censor whom it likes!

US companies dresses as global public services decide what you gonna see

That of course is just the technical justification for Youtube censorship. The financial justification is that Youtube wishes to collaborate not with thousands of scattered, often no-brains, one-man shows, but with other multi-million dollar corporations such as CNN, Disney, BBC, Fox News, and even music labels and Hollywood studies. Governments want to push their own champions onto the platform, too.

The control over young viewers…

Those legacy media and government agencies, on the other hand, demand from Google and Youtube the discrimination and exodus of their numerous private ‘competitors’. Call it the evil Youtube thinning.

… is not to be left to popularity

The targeted Youtubers, not surprisingly all influential anti-establishment activists who see declining views and subscribers, and, worse, de-monetization and de-listing of their videos, of course are very upset. They feel that they are unfairly treated and now call for solidarity among their fellow Youtubers. They won’t find it.

Political denunciation: Pewdiepie, Youtube’s greatest star with 54 million subscribers, has been brutally attacked by Wall Street Journal as an anti-Semite

That’s because in the Internet, just like in real life, if one group is kicked down the road side, immediately another group profits from free traffic.

Talking ABOUT the censorship will be censored too!

Some commentators have argued that those content creators are NOT really being censored, they are just made invisible in ‘restriction-mode’. That, all censors say. Of course, the ultimate aim of Youtube is to make the restriction-mode the new standard (perhaps even by the mere act of signing in).

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The argument that Youtube will suffer politically from the thinning is probably ludicrous. In a few months time, you won’t even know what you’ve been missing. Because it is no longer there.