What is wrong with this Japanese picture?

It’s the drawing of a probably under-aged character in a Dojin-comic (self-published) hanging round in Akihabara shops, a popular tourist district in Tokyo. It’s legal. It’s even tax-free.

Japan is hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Because Japan is a US colony and ally in the containment of China, North Korea, and Russia, US liberal media and cultural marxists go very mild on the Japanese.

The Western thought police and press soldiers write about Pokemon and Shin Godzilla. They don’t write about child-pornography and rampant sexism.

They will change in 2020.

This writer predicts an all-around, orchestrated Western 2020 attack on Japan, shaming the Japanese racist, xenophobic, homophobic, pedophile, and misogynist. The full program. The liberal Western mass media launched cultural hate campaigns against China during the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, and against Russia during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

Social justice warriors, snowflakes, cultural imperialists, and feminazis… mark the looting in your calendar!

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  1. This is the only article with the tag “Under-Aged Japanese AV Models” and it doesn’t even talk about anything like that in the article, and just shows a bunch of figures. Get it straight, an AV, short for Adult Video, is specifically live action porn, they don’t allow underage models just like we don’t, and even take a step above the west by censoring the lower bits. If you do think that an unrealistic drawing of a child is on the same level as actual real life children being molested, you’re insane. You’re trying to compare the image of real people to a drawing, drawings that are not meant to look real, drawings that are done to a standard that obviously aren’t anywhere near real. These same people who look at those drawings don’t see real children with the same eyes, real children are ugly to them, real children don’t have glossy skin or big doe eyes or heads the size of their torso. Is it weird? Sure, but so are a lot of fetishes that equally aren’t hurting real life children, and it’s not fair to lump people who have done no real wrong in with fucking monsters. Fun fact, a court case concerning this came up in the West, and it reached the same result, drawings that are obviously not realistic or based on someone are not on the same level as actual pedophilia, just a weird fetish.

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