Cyber Attacks on The East-West Dichotomy – We are here to stay! (Update June 2015)

TOKYO – Dear colleagues and friends, brothers and sisters!

As some of you may be already aware, this website has been under severe cyber attacks for a little bit over a year now, and was taken down twice -the last time last Friday (22nd of March 2015). On average since January 2015, the site’s busy firewall frequently blocks about 560 malicious login attempts a day (!). Our last cleansing at the file host server in California detected and destroyed 16 trojans and mured several backdoors. Our domain provider, Globat, and our administrator work on the defense and protection of our content, and your safety, around the clock, 24/7. As of yesterday, Monday (25th of March 2015), the website is babyborn again, with a new (provisional) wordpress theme, and the latest updates and protection software(s) in place.

The fighting off of massive cyber attacks is getting more costly every season, but it has always been our first priority to survive the internet.

Especially now that The East-West Dichotomy has evolved from a rough manuscript in 2005 (plagiarized by some Wikipedia nerds in 2009, never got over it), has been made into a website in 2010, added over 450 posts during 2012 and 2013, and transformed into a global phenomenon by 2014. (If you care to know, the original manuscript has been republished by China’s Foreign Language Press in Nov 2013, the same house that preserves a fine collection of the works of Marx and Mao.)

Accordingly, the website, which features many controversial and thought-provoking articles on the cultural differences between East and West, has caught the quality attention of numerous pundits, professors, and politicians in China and abroad (mostly from the US), and the number of our unique monthly visitors now tops 3,200 –enough to run a small university. There are many opportunities for co-operation and expansion, of which I shall talk about in future updates. Today, only this much: The East-West Dichotomy is here to stay.