Google censors the East-West Dichotomy

“Search engines such as Google covertly censor webpages because of their political, social, economic or corporate content.” —googlecensorship, Reddit

TOKYO – Our ill-wishers just had a field-day; but don’t those carnifexes celebrate just yet. So, the East-West dichotomy must have offended the masters of the universe: Google, the US Internet hegemon, assigned a page rank of 0/10. That’s right: ZERO.

Google Page Rank 0 zero

Barred from the visible Internet. Hidden from tourists. Declared a non-person. And your author is not alone:

The Internet is largely owned by US corporations

Google and the Obama White House, sitting in a tree? The search giant's relationship with the president stretches back to 2007 and is cozy as can be
Google and the Obama White House, sitting in a tree? The search giant’s relationship with the president stretches back to 2007 and is cozy as can be; Source: Daily Mail, U.K.

Have you searched anything on Google lately? What “results” came up? Of course, up came Google-sponsored US corporations! First-tier search results: US corporations disguised as global public services such as Google (yes, it lists itself), Youtube (owned by Google), Wikipedia (at least in two languages, if you are abroad), Facebook, TwitterInstagramAmazon, Linkedin, Yahoo!, AcademiaEbay, Imdb, and so on. So that’s your top 10 “real estate” search results already “sold out.”

Second-tier search results: US Google-powered “approved” propaganda rackets: The NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, CNN, Reuters, but also the British allies: New Statesman, Guardian, Times, BBC, and so on.

The Dichotomy promotes world democracy, is critical of US world domination and our colluded media’s crying hypocrisy

Ask yourself honestly: When was the last time you’ve seen a Chinese, Iranian, Russian, German, French, or Japanese site listed in the top 10 search results? Correct answer: You haven’t. Billions of internet users are automatically directed to US sources… to other US corporations! You could call them collectively the information mafia: “It’s only knowledge, if we know it.”

So the ‘real estate’ of the Internet belongs to the corporate mafia. Fair enough. But we still can set up shop in some niche here, no? The Internet is “free,” right? No, Tinkerbell, the Internet is not free! Corporate gangs run the Internet. You work for them, or you are a nobody (register with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…). They collect rent. And they are protecting their businesses. Google is harassing (and not just on behalf of the Chinese government, mind you) possibly tens of thousands of independent websites. How do they do it?

How the powerful keep everyone else down

They are manipulating a site’s reputation and visibility on behalf of their corporate clients. Google uses so-called algorithms, computer programs, that calculate page rank, back-links, and the authority of your content. Of course, you couldn’t possibly ever compete with multi-million dollar corporations on the Internet. Algorithms, ideally, ensure that this remains so forever.

But such automation also bears a heavy security risk, still: Undesirable individuals could unleash something so sensational and game-changing that a single piece of information could break through the Google blockade and, at least temporarily, outrank the content of said multi-million dollar media corporations and their clients. What to do, what to do! To prevent this from happening, Google -in an act of preemptive strike- must punish individuals manually (and systematically). Here are the common strikes:


Undesirable, trouble-making websites are expelled from Google‘s AdSense services. No more revenue. It’s the Internet’s equivalent of your account’s being suspended. Youtube, Google‘s video arm, does it likewise. The Corbett Reports explains.


Google makes sure that certain contents (images, videos, or pages) are never to be found on the Internet by re-delegating them to the bottom of Search results. This is the search engine’s tandem part in America’s cyber-warfare, where cyber units first blacklist or spam the websites of dissenters; then Google, in full knowledge of such methods, goes on to censor those websites, under the pretext for them to appear contested or unstable. explains.


Google uses content filters. Not for US corporations of course but for the rest of the fragmented Internet: For example, if the NY Times reports about “ISIS terrorism,” that’s Ok. But if there are private websites, foreign competitors, or, Lord Press Freedom forbids, the enemy media writing about “US terrorism,” Google terror filters will immediately manipulate your Search results. Other content filters target pornography, violence, political dissent, truth-tellers (a form of private investigators), and so-called conspiracy theorists. For instance, Alan Watt, the Scottish-born media critic, got his website,, slashed to page rank ‘0’, despite having 210,000 back-links. A famous trouble-maker in Japan (he’s a former US citizen) who writes about everyday racism, saw his website down-ranked from 4 to 0. You can find his site,, only by actively looking for it. The list goes on forever. Gavin McInnes, the “fearless” host and US political commentator, saw his website,, axed down to page rank ‘0’. The Saker, who wants to “stop the Empire’s war on Russia,” got his website punished too: page rank ‘0’ for pro-Russia celebrities. If America’s Internet monopoly Google wasn’t keeping unwanted critics down, those sites would probably double or triple their audiences, no problem!

Google must sabotage millions of independent and/or foreign content creators, so that the interests of the few US corporations and Internet monopolies are served. What, you thought the Web was democratic?! Fat chance!


Media propaganda tells the public, over and over again, that the “Internet does not forget.” That’s untrue. If something is deleted on the Internet, it does not only cease to exist, it never existed. Google confesses it reviewed 386,000 application for deletion in Europe in 2015, and approved 42% of them, the Guardian reports.

Few Western journalists of course speak up against the corruption of our media for fear of coming under the wheel. They should be scared, very scared indeed: Here’s Scott Edward, a senior editor at the Economist, a pro-USA British propaganda racket, at the Munich Security Conference in 2014, calling for the humiliation and exclusion of journalists who have been working in Russian media.

But the anti-Russia bias is nothing when compared to the Western contempt for everything Chinese: The propaganda channel Deutsche Welle, a state-sponsored pro-USA anti-Asia racket, in 2014 fired a prominent Chinese commentator over daring to praise the Chinese government for having lifted 300 million people out of poverty, and in just 20 years. In 2011, a German company fired an engineer over posing a security risk for having married a Chinese woman. Your author, a PhD from Peking University, is banned in Germany, too, apparently for promoting Chinese words to the German language. This is all dead-serious stuff. We are systematically removed or suspended.

Google Censorship is key to maintaining US ownership of the Internet

“This is why we have to save any important article. […] Remember that all of this, everything that we take for granted right now on the Internet, is just a flick of a switch away from being taken away.” —James Corbett

US media, meanwhile, have turned into ruthless plagiarists and content farms. Whoever said what first does not matter anymore (if it ever did), because the first is never to be found: Only the most powerful media/publication is found. Let me explain this:

Your author is the author of the East-West Dichotomy. That’s documented throughout his research, from 2006 to 2010, at three (ahem) world-class universities: Edinburgh, Peking, and Harvard University. The Dichotomy was immediately plagiarized in 2009 by a long-term editor by the name of Moonriddengirl at Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that “everyone can edit.” When your author put a copyright notice and protested, an anonymous school of thugs ganged up on him, harassed him online, blocked, then banned his account. This is what they do to anyone they don’t approve of: they rip off your work and pass it as as somebody else’s.

The bigger the press, the more they steal with impunity

And if you complain, they go the extra mile and stalk you on the Internet, steal the rest from you as well, and spit on your digital grave. In fact, the more prominent a Western press, the more shameless its soldiers:

The Economist ‘language blogger’, Robert Lane Greene, once “got a tweet” from his pal at Big Think, a NY media, who saw your author’s posts on Chinese words in the English language, or better: the lack of it. So, working at the famous Economist, he simply wrote a ‘Me-too’ article, and took all the credits. And when your author spotted the cheap imitation, the Economist first threatened him not use their precious logo when criticizing their dubious journalism, and then -out of pure spite- green-lighted their China correspondent in Beijing, Gady Epstein, to fabricate yet another article, making sure your author’s findings now are the Economist‘s contribution to China Studies. That’s how they roll.

It’s the tyranny of the corporate media, stupid!

Why I am telling you all this? Because not the Truth is the truth in the Internet; but what gets most circulated and mentioned by the corrupt media is. That’s why the media mafia rules the world now, not governments. Search for anything you want on the Internet: there’s hardly any governmental search result. There’s only media corporations mentioning the government.

In academia it is even worse: Journalists by definition are non-experts in anything but fabricating stories, yet they have now replaced all true experts. If there’s no journalist writing about the academic, that academic might as well not exist. This is a serious form of authoritarianism. Why aren’t the papers reporting it? Because the papers are that authoritarian regime!

Of course the capital media propagates, and repeats it over and over again, campaign after campaign, that the media must be totally free – freedom of the press! Ladies and Gentlemen, EVERY dictatorship is free as a bird. You must ask the victims of this corporate media how they feel about this tyranny of the press: The people are completely overpowered, helpless even, they are being manipulated, coerced, distorted, and consistently lied to; they are patronized like infants, and moderated like idiots. In Europe, comment sections in all grand news media are now echo chambers: The “incorrect” comments are immediately removed. All media in the European Union, including Google, now agreed to delete “hate-speech” within 24 hours. ” What’s “hate speech”? Everything is hate-speech if it’s flagged as hate-speech! Here is a neo-liberal German professor and an arrogant German journalist in Die Zeit [German Times] asking the federal government for the censorship of their critics. Anybody can be flagged now by the media’s red guards and by (political correct) so-called social justice warriors.

“The European nation reached an agreement with Facebook, Twitter and Google to remove hate speech from the Internet within 24 hours of it being reported, according to reports from the Associated Press and AFP.” —

The Internet is catering to Western supremacy, plain and simple

Listen, and this is not a conspiracy but the nasty truth about the media mafia: they don’t report what is, they report how they want it to be. If it’s an Asian academic who said “it,” they will simply wait until a Western academic says it, too. Millions of intellectual Asians have been completely ignored by Western media in order to boost their own few Western academics, with the results that Westerners are venerated like gods in Asia.

And the Internet is complicit. Let me put it another way: every US journalists, upon experiencing this supreme Western dominance over Asia, feels immediately tempted to become a “China expert” himself. Just pick up any discipline really and make it yours! Some Western reporters, backed by the media mafia, simply walk into a Chinese elite university, hand in their journalism and demand a Chinese PhD degree for it. And the Chinese academics? They are useful tropes and assistants, not more. Read this precious gem here about how Western media fabricate the China experts. You may call all this “unnatural selection.” The Internet is engineered.

When the media drags us all into their Orwellian world

Take the New York Times as the supreme symbol and metaphor for US supremacy and propaganda: We’ve already established that the NY Times will rank among the highest in any Google Search results for whatever it chooses to write about. So it makes absolute sense for those self-important bastards to write about everything, manipulate the message in their favor, and become the authority for people who search the Internet for News, even if the people never bought a copy, do not intent to buy one, and never asked for the master narrative of the New York Times. [They shovel it up your Search results anyway, little sheeple!]

Let’s go further than that: The NY Times is the most corrupt media in the world, promoting wars, US ideology, and the demolition of all US adversaries. Precisely because of this record, there are tens of thousands of pages and blog entries dedicated to her lies and agitprop. Logically, because it is such an important US institution and of interest to the US public, its crimes should rank high, … very high, … exceptionally high on any search on Google for ‘New York Times corruption’. Does that make sense? Of course it does!

Unfortunately, however, the NY Times ranks higher in the Internet than everything that’s written about her. That’s guaranteed by Google, as explained above. Anticipating his, therefore, the lords of propaganda will simply start the puppy mills (read: produce more “press soldiers”) with the mission to write as much about corruption [of its enemies of course!] as possible, so that those articles will show up first when anybody searches for “New York Times corruption.” In short, the media mafia suit themselves.

Only a handful of powerful US corporations and its cronies will take all the credits

US corporations and its allies are the only ones that show up if people search for news and information, right? So, they say: Why not fabricating heroes and villains, domestic and abroad. Why not indoctrinating the masses. Why not cross-referencing our friends, promoting our owners, our own books, and deny news-coverage to those things we –our friends, and our owners– disapprove of? Oh this is so much fun! Why not torturing our enemies with gossip, rumor, and endless bullying? After all, what the enemy says will not be featured on the Internet because the Internet belongs to US!

The Internet is not what you think it is. It is NOT free and diverse. We all see the same programs, find the same information, view the same results.

Your author can call friends back in Germany, and they’ve seen exactly the same “world news” on state TV than we do here in Japan and you do in America or Britain. It’s the US New World Order concert. We are completely controlled. Everything and anyone that could decisively “inspire” you to revolt against the tyranny was already tossed over and kicked down the hillside.

If you’re marked, more content production is pointless, will make things worse

If a website declines naturally, nobody complains. You could always do more, invest, co-operate with others, and produce more valuable and original content. But nothing helps if the Internet police “blacklisted’ your site, or does it? There are two philosophies regarding the effects of Google’s censorship:

1).  Doomsday scenario: If you are censored by Google or the media mafia, no matter how stubbornly you insist on continuing, your situation will only get worse. That’s because all the out-going and in-coming links of your site are now pulling down everyone else’s reputation as well. I explain: The more you produce, the more harm you do to your site and to those sites of others. That’s the very point of ostracism: A member of the tribe is stigmatized and expelled. Everything and everyone that this disgraced member now touches or tries to associate with becomes suspect. It’s like a curse. A downward spiral of penalties. Naturally, your contemporaries will want to avoid you in order to safeguard their own fragile reputation.

2). Fight-another-day scenario: Google‘s censorship has the opposite effect, namely that the people awake and rebel, sympathize and unite, and go into the underground or the fringes of society and prepare the revolution.

The East-West Dichotomy has been de-indexed by Google. There’s no point in living in denial that this won’t affect this site’s very existence and its sense of purpose to write articles that need to be seen. It is necessary for this site to diversify, and to publish even more on paper.

Shame on you, Google!

The East West Writer

Good news: Copies of The East-West dichotomy sighted in libraries of Harvard University, Princeton University, and the University of Hawaii.