Is Germany an American colony?

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[…] We recall a similar US crack down on Toyota, the wicked car maker of the East. In 2014, the Japanese learned that if the US media of matter cries “Japanese company kills Americans”, it is better to pay the piper, not make things worse. And when the Japanese foolishly tried to negotiate a deal behind closed doors, the US media simply added “Japanese are now covering-up the death of Americans”. Foreigners are painfully aware now that the US media and the court of public opinions matter more than judges and goodwill.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have timed Japan and provincial Germany which would never dream of harassing and shaming US giants. First, politicians would commit career suicide. They would be accused of anti-Americanism. Second, those countries don’t command a global media apparatus. Plus, the command strange languages that nobody else understands. This imbalance of global power has only increased during the last two decades. In Europe, US companies like Apple hardly pay any taxes. Others, like Facebook and Google, spy for US agencies, and undermine all laws they see un-fit for true American exceptionalism. The Europeans can’t do much about it. It is a colonial situation.

“Most of European corruption would never come to light, if it wasn’t for the sovereign USA to slap them down.”

After WWII the US turned Europe (and Japan) into a backyard for US companies, military outposts, and propaganda of American values. Not to offend the US big brother (which intercepts all data communication of the Europeans, including email and telephone), the European nation states, like lesser beta-males, largely followed Washington’s expansionism (except the Iraq War in 2003) and America’s hegemony over… well… man and all creatures. If the US runs anti-Chinese, anti-Russian, anti-Islam campaigns, for example, most Europeans blindly join the outrageous ‘superior Western values’ chorus. Most human beings are like this: they’d rather join the bully than being bullied themselves.

The Imperial court of all humanity

That one day, God’s favorite nation could turn on its European underlings and ridicule, shame, and expose their shortcomings, few of the expandable wannabe powers are willing to even consider. “Oh, it cannot happen to us, don’t worry. See, we are so superior to the Easterners. We are part of the West. We are buddies with America!” To which the angry historian replies: “Yes, but wait until America minces the opposition, dictates heaven and earth, and makes carpets out of you bumsuckers and asshamsters.”

The nature of capitalism is that probably all European mega-companies, just like the US ones, have some dirty secrets or engage in some dubious practices. Even Western scholarship on Eastern cultures is often the result of systematic forgery and deceitful manipulation (which your author has written extensively about). The question is who is going to tattle or whistle-blow?

It is undeniable that most of European corruption would never come to light, if it wasn’t for the sovereign USA to slap them down. Many Germans experience the corrupt ways of their leaders, directors, bosses, and the media, every day, but have no way to expose them. It’s a cliché when looking from the moon, but the hard-knuckle truth when living amongst wolves: Millions of German and European hearts will have puffed with joy and schadenfreude that, finally, the fearless US authorities have caught Volkswagen cheating. The German want justice, but they can’t get it in Europe. As usual, the post-war Germans rely on America to clear Europe off the worst criminals. At least in prosaic theory.

“The elites in Europe let this ‘US take-over’ happen in the vainglory and hope that they would be generously rewarded, or considered for office and promotion, by a benign US overlord.”

In reality, no prosecution or prison sentence will ever befall this European old-boy-school. These people are too powerful. Volkswagen is German fabric. Americans wants to contain Germany, not cut it down. At least the German media will stop reporting about the scandal (if and) as soon as America turns to more imperative things –like upgrading its atomic bomb arsenal in Fliegerhorst Buchel in the German Eifel. Just saying.

It is worth mentioning the conspiracy theorists, who often lament that the almighty US – the ‘New World Order’ (A George Bush Sr. doctrine) – gets to decide who’s singled out for massive global prosecution and defaming campaigns. It controls the seas, the space, the international institutions, and the global media. US companies dressed as public services “own” the internet. The US watches everyone, but who watches the US? Nobody. Those theorists indeed have a point.

The elites in Europe let this ‘US take-over’ happen in the vainglory and hope that they would be generously rewarded, or considered for office and promotion, by a benign US overlord. Tens of thousands of European decision makers had been groomed in America, returned to their father countries, and acted on behalf of US interests ever since. Your author is often shocked at the “discovery” of yet another German corporate leader, chief editor, professor, or decision maker, who – surprise surprise – earned his degree in the States, or else was affiliated with an American program, right until he was installed in some key position in Europe. It’s very similar, I claim, to the yoke of the Indian intellectuals under the British Empire. To the pundits, being associated with their master’s culture was the ultimate career upgrade. […]

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Thor Tukoll is a pen name of Thorsten J. Pattberg, a German writer and cultural critic. He is the author of The East-West Dichotomy,  Shengren, and Inside Peking University.

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