Katie Hopkins RACE-BAIT FAIL in Africa


Lauren Southern did it, so why not Katie Hopkins? It’s huge click-bait and the gossip jackpot: I’m going to investigate the murders of white farmers by black gangs in South Africa, please fund me. That’s the sort of black-white activism that gets Internet attention. Thought Katie Hopkins from Rebel Media in Canada. She is a UK citizen. Hopkins went on a tight budget but with a big media tout. [Did she also warn the local consulates that she was coming?]

Stirring up troubles for the global legacy media who cover-up the crimes in South Africa

Well, apparently Ms Hopkins got herself detained in South Africa, allegedly: her passport taken away from her at the airport. She is being investigated over accusations of “inciting racial hatred.” I wrote about this sort of shady “journalism” in a previous post on her. To be fair, it is NOT journalism, but activism–thus: it has personal and political agenda. Especially if you try purposely to subvert another country, that’s press soldiery.

Of course Ms Hopkins wanted to create as much drama and future fame as possible from it. Her shows name: ‘HopkinsWorld’ with devil’s horns on the ‘o’. Activism is all about the activists, not about their cause. That’s because, Katie: There is no races in South Africa, only people! And Katie Hopkins says: Yes there are races, it’s black gangs killing white farmers! And there she gets tangled up in dangerous hateful speech–one cringes at the final act of her vanity trip: Spreading racism In South Africa is bad, bad career decision making, no? Especially for a white UK woman.

Things you shall not speak of

Katie Hopkins is right about the things happening in South Africa, but her attitude is not. Everyone had to jump for her: Here comes the Great Hopkins. She is lucky that she is a UK passport holder and works in Canada. There exists a certain amount of ‘free speech’ still, so she will be safe from the thought police. In Europe, however, there exist brutal ‘hate crime laws’ that make the reporting of ethnicity or nationality of criminal offenders a worse offense than the actual crime committed.

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On top of it all, Rebel Media (of Canada) is not an establishment media corporation, but… a rebel media. An outlaw. It means that the establishment BBC, CBC, The Guardian, The Economist, etc. consider South Africa their master narrative. They will not tolerate Rebel Media reporting a different story.

So, the BBC and the Economist for example get a lot of money, perks and sinecures for not seeing no ‘white genocide’ in South Africa, and they secretly regard the disenfranchising and intimidation of white farmers in that country as just cause and an atonement for their past colonial sins. Case closed.