There’s just NO WAY Kevin Rudd is 1.79 m tall

There's no way Keven Rudd is 1.79 m tall

BEIJING – Google the height of Kevin Rudd, the former Prime minister of Australia, and you’ll find massive SEO (search engine optimization) by his PR team that has you staring at his “official” yet clearly exaggerated tallness: 1.79 m.

That can’t be right. I am about that height and shorter; yet when I stood next to him in Beijing, Mr. Rudd was nowhere near the mark. He was more like 1.75 m, in his shoes.

Height seems to be an ongoing ego-issues not only for French politicians. Many measured on the morning of their best days and added the roll of a dice on top of that. Obviously, many men lie about being taller than they really are  (the ideal height for Western men is 1.8 m [roughly 6-feet] or taller), and you can’t blame them for it. Women prefer taller men. The media constantly bombards men with ‘research‘ that shows that “tall people tend to get promoted more often and earn more money.”

Male politicians and CEOs often have their shoes layered and clothes tailored to appear taller and larger, and stretch their frame in group photos. Mr. Rudd seems oddly troubled about his shortcomings and keeps mentioning, even in a TED talk, his tiny hands.

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See how Kevin Rudd’s “official” height (1.79 m) compares to that of some of his peers (Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright of those pictures; they are used for critical commentary only):

Kevin Rudd 179 cm Gordon Brown 180 cm in comparison - Brown clearly much taller
Kevin Rudd (officially 179 cm) and Gordon Brown (officially 180 cm) in comparison – Brown clearly is much taller, or did he just “step up” a bit?…
Maybe, but Gordon Brown (1.8 m) is clearly taller than Kevin Rudd
…Not so much: Gordon Brown (1.8 m) is significantly taller than Kevin Rudd (1.79 m).
Angela Merkel is 1.65 m tall. Kevin Rudd looks more like 1.75 m than his "official" 1.79 m, next to her.
Angela Merkel is 1.65 m tall. Next to her, Kevin Rudd looks more like 1.75 m than his “official” 1.79 m.
Kevin Rudd 179cm Barack Obama 185cm Rudd big shoes
See Mr. Rudd’s mighty, layered, and tailored boots? Kevin Rudd (1.79 m) understandably wants to stand tall alongside Barack Obama (1.85 m).
Despite the boots, is Kevin Rudd really 179 cm tall, compared to Barack Obama's 185 cm of height? You judge.
Despite the tailored boots, is Kevin Rudd even close to 179 cm tall, compared to Barack Obama’s 185 cm of height? You judge.

Politics is all about power and deceptions. It just irks me indefatigably that I clearly remembered this Kevin Rudd as a much shorter man when suddenly his PR team set out and declared him 1.79 m to the entire world. It just ain’t the truth.