‘Make Germany Great Again’ – Black Female US Activist Gets Into Trouble in Germany

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—Now THAT’S a new one: German regime goes after female African-American vlogger after she posted ‘Make Germany Great Again’ and ‘Censorship in Germany’ videos.

‘Tree of Logic’ (her Youtube act) reports her ordeal: “I will get arrested,” she explains in a follow-up clip right after having seen her lawyers, “should I re-enter Germany or the European Union.” In America she is protected by the First Amendment. Not so in Germany where freedom of speech is buried under hate speech laws.

“Germany is a victim of its own ‘White guilt’ and has installed political correctness throughout the country. […] If a German spoke out against the Muslim refugees, other ‘SJW’ [social justice warriors] would try to shame them into silence by calling them a Nazi.”

The Merkel regime is desperate these days. It relentlessly propagated —with green light from the US— the sure presidency of corrupt Hillary Clinton in the USA and the iron rule of Angela Merkel over failing Europe. But Americans last week did away with Clinton. The Europeans could rise against Merkel, next.

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Ms. Merkel, a former Stasi collaborator, now prepares for her 4th term (!) as supreme leader. The “liberal” regime started a new media inquisition against so-called “populists”—everyone who disagrees with the regime really. Critics —millions of them— are labelled “anti-democratic,” “right-wring,” or —frequently: “Nazis.” Eventually, their loudest representatives get blacklisted.

Censorship is rampant. Political prosecution is on the rise. Massive hate campaigns against foreign leaders in Turkey, Russia, China, and Donald Trump (half of America) distract from Merkel’s policy of ethnic cleansing, her police state, and the media terror against her own citizens.

“I was shocked to learn that Germany doesn’t necessarily have freedom of speech. German citizens are arrested for posting their opinions about refugees on Facebook.”

A new thought police has replaced the old East-German ‘Stasi’. German Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube censor in Merkel’s name. Die Zeit, Die Welt, FAZ, Spiegel, ARD, ZDF —state media— are largely co-optated.

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Free journalists are intimidated. Dissidents are driven into exile. The EU is authoritarian. The British people voted out. Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Greece… all want to leave the German-EU dictatorship.

‘Tree of Logic’ on Youtube

Tree of Logic, while in Germany, probably made friends with German Trump supporters. In her videos she naively tells the truth: the destruction of German society. She painfully describes the emasculation of German men who stand by passively as their women hold ‘Welcome’ signs into state propaganda media for hundreds of thousands of Muslim men. “The fact is that Germans are turning against other Germans in hopes of destroying Germany’s culture, heritage, and identity,” she observes. Worse, the German state media and police are explicitly instructed to enforce this destruction, and criminalize freedom of expression:

“I want Americans to see what’s happening in the countries of Europe right now. Let’s unite together and make sure that this doesn’t happen to us.”

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  1. I am a former German living in the US. The change that Angela Merkel has created in the country I once called home is devastating. When I visit Germany I feel like a complete stranger. It is true that you are no longer allowed to show patriotism or say anything negative about all the immigrants. I have experienced how Germans have turned against me by just speaking my mind. Shame on these traitors.

    • I live in Germany and what you say is true. Talking of no longer being allowed to show patriotism, maybe readers would like to search on Youtube for a clip of Merkel grabbing the German flag from a fellow politician and throwing it away.

      I just wish the world’s journalists would start to investigate what is REALLY going on instead of regurgitating what Merkel’s media says. It is truly horrendous with details of certain events deliberately withheld, a severe clampdown on what you can say and actual government support of groups set up to hinder any opposition. The latter is deeply disturbing and reminiscent of past history in Germany: groups are being paid 45 euros an hour plus overnight, food and travel to turn up and disrupt AfD (the only opposition party) gatherings. Also, almost weekly, restaurants and bars are being threatened that if they host AfD meetings they will face trouble. Often it is by telephone but sometimes by letter. I have seen three of these, amazingly actually on party headed notepaper and signed by officials. That these people are so brazen and confident they can get away with this shows the degree of collusion and control in today’s Germany between the government and those, anywhere else, many people would describe as thugs (or worse).

      • I had the pleasure of visiting Germany many times over the last two decades. It is a shame to see Merkel doing the same thing to your country what Obama did to ours. Sadly most of my friends and family do not realize the danger that our entire world is facing. The mainstream media simply has too much power.

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