Western regimes are horrified that ‘draining the swamp’ could become popular with voters. [omnomnom]

When Donald Trump made the pledge to “drain the swamp” [if he were to become the president], this was when he completely crushed “crooked Hillary Clinton” and the corrupt government. He also mortally wounded the pride of the Western global elites–both in America and in Europe.


Because the Western global elites had managed to exploit their people and branded their rigged ‘democracies’ as the paradise on earth, and they didn’t want for the life of it ruin that precious illusion. [And lose face in the eyes of Russia, China, Brazil, Turkey, India, and the Middle East.]


Entire classes –politicians, bankers, journalists–can never be held accountable in the West, no matter what they do. Yes, there are silly exemptions. But only if the elites “sacrifice” one of their own and throw them to the public (but not the courts).

Squash mosquitoes, skin the snakes, drain the bog

The idea that Western nations are ruled by corrupt cliques [or even: puppet regimes]… is embarrassing, but true. The Western legacy media, all in cahoots, would never report corruption that they themselves are entangled in: political repression, mass indoctrination, and self-preservation.

So, naturally, when the US president reiterates that indeed he wants to “drain the swamp,” the incumbent governments and the corrupt media will do EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to destroy, sabotage, or demonize that man… and silence his followers!

All is swamp,… and beneath the swamp… skeletons

And that’s just in America. The so-called ‘US Democrats’ are conspiring with EU regimes to “deal” with president Trump. Sweden, Netherlands, France, and Germany are all crushing down on “the dangers of the Right.”

And while Trump could only come so far because of America’s First Amendment–Freedom of Speech–, no such thing exists in Europe where there is ‘hate speech’. Hate speech, or ‘hate crime’, is a loose collection of everything we’d call demagogy, rabble-rousing, insult, and sedition. Based on that, European regimes can accuse every man of harboring ‘hateful thoughts’.

Nationalists had probably hoped, after BREXIT and the US election, that the rest of Europe would join the movement and liberate themselves from the totalitarian European Union. A new ‘renaissance’. Unfortunately, the local dictators were quick to destroy that dream. Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany have labelled any threat to their status quo: “Nazi”. That is the only trick they could come up with: to criminalize any opposition to their rule a ‘hate crime’.

Europe is lost

To summarize, US president Trump has probably the corrupt elites of the entire Western civilization against him, if he so continues to “drain the swamp.” The backlash he received from firing disgraced FBI director James Comey–really a silly mosquito in that great Washington cesspool–was just the beginning.