Western Press Soldiers: Michael “the Knife” Forsythe (NY Times)

US media and its 'press soldiers' in China: Corrupt, racist, xenophobe, and scoring against evil China: Westernize or else...

SINCE it got so ridiculous and militant in the Western press related to China, your author decided to put up a miniseries ‘Western Press Soldiers in China’ that will offer a satirical look at the most hopelessly sadistic and prolific anti-China propagandists in the US media (which, by extension really is the global media). They are public figures, and feared propagandists, and above all they are also professional victims.

It means that they will offend as many people as possible in China, the West’s cultural and ideological enemy, by pointing fingers and finding flaws and, when getting the predicted flak from Chinese compatriots or, God forbid, the Chinese government, they will immediately send a ‘Westerners-in-distress’ signal back to mother-ship Congress and the US establishment. Upon this the professional victims will attract even more resources next time. It’s like a war-machine building up.

Michael "the Knife" Forsythe (NYT), ready to take down the Chinese government
Michael “the Knife” Forsythe (NYT), ready to take on the Chinese government: “The problem isn’t really China. It’s us… how we deal with it.”

We start with Michael “the Knife” Forsythe. The man is known among expats as “the Knife” because they can’t pronounce his name and because he knives down his enemies -stab, squeak, stab, squeak- until they bleed out and off their good names and reputations.

His favorite prey: China’s president Xi Jinping and his family, and Wen Jiabao, China’s former premier, and his clan. Michael “the Knife” Forsythe also occasionally stabs his colleagues in the back if they disapprove of him stabbing foreign leaders. Like his former boss at Bloomberg, Matt Winkler, who might have suspected a mental illness and tried to stop this madness. In vain. The New York Times, a tabloid paper, was quick to enroll “the Knife” for its China blog – Sinosphere.

Since then Michael has relentlessly poisoned the Chinese well further with his negativity and agitprop. He is prepared to manipulate any news and turn it into a bonus jab at the evil Chinese government. In an interview with Associate professors Gardner Bovingdon on Uighur terrorism, “the Knife” edited the text so that the professor appeared to condone the acts of violence (since they were directed at Beijing).

Michael Forsythe has a knife to thrust into the head of that filthy communist snake. Unfortunately, many Americans love this ‘Us vs China’ narrative. Most don’t realize that they are unconsciously supporting the militarization of US journalism. Under the disguise of “bettering the world”, those “press soldiers” are putting their reports to ideological use in order to defame, distort, and demonize foreign nations, their governments, and their people. And Michael “the Knife” Forsythe has more than a few collaborators on his side to close in on his target and finish the China job.

Read the Introduction and more about the other “press soldiers” soon. Until then, you might want to read ‘The Rising Cult of China Experts‘.