Eric Arnow – American Zen Buddhist with Russian Roots

MOSCOW/SEVASTOPOL – Eric Arnow, from Boston Massachusetts, USA, is a Zen Buddhist with Russian Roots who traveled extensively, and over long periods of time, in China, Japan, and Thailand. In May 2015, he decided to visit Russia, travelling from Moscow to Sevastopol in the Crimean peninsula. Here are his impressions:

“I think the story I sent you speaks for itself, how I decided to go to Russia.

My name is Eric Arnow. 66 yo, I grew up in Boston Massachusetts, USA. My 4 grandparents, from one or another part of the Russian empire, came to the US in early 20th century, to either escape difficult political, or economic situation there.

I studied Buddhism for 40 years–Zen Buddhism as practiced in Japan.

Came to Thailand in 2004, Spent a lot of time in China to find my Zen roots, from 2007-14.

But maybe due to my ancestral roots, felt affinity with Russia and the situation in that area. So, when I heard that the West was dissing Russia after all it went through, I thought it would be a good thing to see for myself what is going on, meet and make friends. A One Man Peace Army.

That’s it in a nutshell.” –Eric Arnow, 2015

A Traveler's Impressions from Western-sanctioned Russia, Part 1
A Traveler’s Impressions from Western-sanctioned Russia (Part 1) – by Eric Arnow
Russia and the West hold different views on World History (Party 2) – by Eric Arnow
Russia and the West hold different views on World History (Party 2) – by Eric Arnow


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